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November 11, 2002 Update
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Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   November 26, 2002  

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Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

Virus Alerts - Site Updates

Education and Skills Assessments

Career Opportunities

Business and Economic Outlook

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Some Dates Worth Noting

Well, I've been screening and interviewing new clones. What a disappointing lot! It's so hard to find good, reliable talent among that group. This shouldn't be that difficult.

This Update was dated November 11 and should have reached you around November 12 or 13. It basically contains the history that happened at the beginning of the month. The Update for the end of the month will reach you later this week. But this situation highlights why using a recruiter is a good idea.

Your business is running your business, servicing your clients' and customers' needs and making certain you're doing so profitably while maintaining goodwill that entices more business. Your business is making certain you have the right people on staff to facilitate your business goals. (Psst. You career seekers should take note. That is the purpose of your being on the job. Your talents and expertise enhance those of the boss and make the business better. Your skills and insight foster the goals of the boss.)

Go to the site read "Why Use a Recruiter" and I'll explain for both you managers and you career seekers.

I don't know. It seems like the clones I'm looking for are a dying breed. I pay tops in the industry too! Why three peanuts a day is amazing. Just use the salary calculator from to see what I'm saying is true.

For you career seekers, use the
Personal Edition Salary Report Resumes are still being accepted.

You managers will want to refer to the calculations from the
HR Edition

As for significant networking events and conferences, classes and deadlines, please refer to the Calendar and the Bulletins

To have your networking or career-related events listed in the Bulletins and on the Calendar, visit the Bulletins - Calendar page to get the submission guidelines.

Meanwhile, remember that:

  • Dec 3-4 - Enterprise Storage Strategies Conf
  • Dec 3-5 - 802.11 Planet Conf
  • Dec 4-5 - Women Leading Change Seminar
  • Dec 5-6 - Business Week Digital Economy Conf
  • Dec 5, 12, 16, 18 - AIRS 2-day Search Labs
  • Dec 6 - Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behavior (class)
  • Dec 7 - LSAT administered
  • Dec 7 - SAT administered
  • Dec 10 - Conflict Management Skills for Women
  • Dec 10-12 - Creating Real-Time Enterprise
  • Dec 11-12 - Search Engine Strategies
  • Dec 12-13 - Increasing Email Marketing ROI seminar
  • Dec 12-13 - NPD Portfolio Management seminar
  • December 15 - estimated tax filing deadline
  • January 30 - deadline for distributing W2s to U.S. employees

Also be certain to check the events calendars for niche interests at: to name a few places where you'll find where people are connecting.
Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the special rates offered by Travelocity Preferred Program for exclusive membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

Entrances Events Calendar

   Greetings Dear Readers!

Even while the October 6 issue of the Entrances Update was being composed, Kevin Wheeler was on the same thought wave. As a result, we both spoke of collecting "Thoughts on ER Expo." See what Kevin's thoughts were; the invitation to offer your own is still open. Excerpts will be used.

Changes for Topica Subscribers Using AOL and Hotmail [11/06/02]:

AOL and Hotmail have instituted new filtering programs that will affect mail delivery of Topica subscribers. Detailed instructions were recently distributed. You may read those instructions in the Bulletins "Announcements" folder.

The holiday season is on us like molasses on pancakes. Not only is it gift-giving time, it's also the time to start considering (and ordering) employee recognition pieces, client appreciation gifts, holiday presents and prepare for end of the year (December 15) tax reports - not to mention W2 reporting in January. (Whew!) So, start checking the Resource Center after the December 1. Professional and management resources will start being populated for your convenience.

Yes, this Update reached you at the end of the month and contains the first half of the month's news. It's time for the second half news. In order to avoid glutting your mailbox, the second installment will be sent in a few days. When you return from the holiday, the the second half will be waiting for you.

  • Worth a Read
  •   There are many issues that affect your recruiting and career search. Those issues affect the types of decisions you make. So "Worth a Read" and other aspects of these updates bring you some highlights of some of those matters to keep you aware of what's happening.

    That being said, here are some bits and bytes that you'll want to know about:

    Legal Headlines

    • Termination for Discussing Salary Is Actionable - A recent California case was decided in favor of the Marketing Manager who, at a Marketing Managers conference, joined others in discussing their compensation programs. Shortly after the conference, the manager also began receiving negative performance evaluations. The court found the employer actions in violation of California Labor Code Sec. 232. (Grant-Burton v. Covenant Care, Inc., 2002 99 Cal. App. 4th 1261 [122 Cal.Rptr.2d 204]) [from Management Advantage #242]
    • Subjective Evaluation Process Not Supportable - Hewlett-Packard was found to use an evaluation system for promotions that was subjective and pretextual in nature. Because of these factors and the inequities in promotion for Garrett, the Tenth Circuit Court found against the employer. (Garrett v. Hewlett-Packard Co., 10th Cir., No. 01-1022, 9/25/02) [from Management Advantage #242]
    • California WARN Act Implemented - Management Advantage tells us in update #244 that California has enacted a state WARN act that will go into effect on January 1, 2003. Employers of 75 or more are required to give written notice of a layoff at least 60 days prior to the action date (federal requirement is 100 employees or more) and will be making a layoff of 50 or more employees within 30 days [quoting the content]. There are exemptions. It's worth knowing and understanding the requirements, federal comparables, and exceptions. Compare your own state's rules and regulations to determine whether you're in compliance.

      For a complete copy of the 4-page law go to:
      AB 2957 Chartered. It is now in the California Labor Code, Division 2, Section 1, Chapter 4, Section 1400.

    • New Disabilities Office in Department of Labor - This summer (according to Management Advantage update #244) the Department of Labor created a new office dedicated to addressing the issues of the disabled, their families and employers, among others. The Office of Disability Employment Policy's first Assistant Secretary is W. Roy Grizzard, Jr., Ed.D., confirmed on July 26, 2002. It has already awarded $20 million in grants throughout the United States that "provide for demonstration projects for youth with disabilities, customized employment services for adults and youth with disabilities, and technical assistance resources for the workforce development system. The agency expects to award additional grants in the current fiscal year.

      "For more information about ODEP, its leadership, mission, and grant programs, go to: Office of Disability Employment Policy

    Employment Law Case Headlines from Interactive Employment Training
    • ADA Requires Individual Assessments - Fifth Circuit disallows automatic disqualification for driving positions of insulin-dependent applicants. (Kapache v. City of San Antonio, No. 98-50345)
    • Employer Has Duty to Accommodate for Perceived Disability - After being defibrillated, driver was terminated. Court found employer has a duty to accommodate for a perceived disability. (Jewell v. Reids Confectionary Co.)
    • White Supremacist Unlawfully Discriminated Against Because of His Bigoted "Religious" Convictions - Finding that an employer cannot avoid liability where there has been no violative action, the court found the employee-supervisor was wrongfully demoted where his white supremacist views were expressed as "religious" convictions. (Peterson v Wilmur Communications, Inc.)
      For additional discussion, see:
    • Informal Promotion Process Provided Evidence of Pretext - Inconsistent reasons for failing to promote and a "peculiarly informal" process is "probative of pretext." (Dennis v. Columbia Colleton Medical Ctr., Inc.)
    The full text of these cases can be found by searching for the case names on BNA

    In the business news:

    Diversity, Inc. recently debuted the print version of their magazine. You can receive a trial copy of the magazine by signing up for the no-obligation, complimentary copy. Subscribing to the print version entitles you to the premium Members content. It's worth the low cost.
    Pro2Net was a multiple discipline site that specialized in Tax and Accounting. It also catered to the Finance, HR, Legal and International industries. It provided continuing education courses, news, information and tips, community discussion boards, career centers, and specialized newsletters for each channel. Last year, Pro2Net was assumed by SmartPros.

    Since the takeover, the only newsletter that comes from the site features only one aspect, tax and accounting, although there are navigation links to the previous portions of the site. Until a couple of weeks ago, I thought those other portions were dormant and archives of the Pro2Net site. That was a few weeks ago.

    I happened to click on one of the channel links and found that they are indeed very active. A few of the articles in the Legal and HR channels are featured in "Careers and Recruiting" and "Business and Economics." It's worth your while to do a bit of exploring of one of the best kept secrets on the Web.

    Some of the links are time sensitive. If you have difficulty finding the articles from the hyperlinks above, you can also check Time Magazine's archives to find similar articles.


    The Library

  • Virus Alerts - Site Updates
  •   Just in! A notice from McAfee Security Center notifies there is a fake email greeting card notice reaching Internet users. According to the notice, "This spam email invites the recipient to pick up an online greeting card. Downloading the card initiates a script that forwards the spam message to all Microsoft Outlook contacts."

    Please check the Virus Alerts Center for more information and to update your virus protection. (11/15/02)

    Site Updates
    Articles now available on the site are:

    Links to Management/Leadership articles [Note: the email address associated with these articles is no longer functional] Management articles [Note: the email address associated with these articles is no longer functional]
    If there are other articles you'd like to see migrated before others, feel free to let me know.

    Entrances Bulletins

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •   234 laid off

    It seems as though getting ahead these days means getting a degree or an advanced degree. The downside to doing that is the time commitment and the ever-prohibitive cost factor, not to mention loss of family - and life! Then there's the grueling work of passing the entrance exams and writing the personal statement. After a while, you begin to wonder if this is something that will really pay the dividends - monetary and title - that are anticipated.

    There are many options to getting the degree and even determining whether advancing in your career really means earning a new degree. An alternative to the brick and mortar school is online and distance learning. And there is also financial aid in many forms.

    But sometimes it isn't really a matter of getting another piece of paper but staying abreast of current practices by taking enrichment or continuing education courses.

    Then again, when you're looking for the right person within the company who is deserving of a promotion but you're not certain of their skills in that department, it's helpful to have some means of assessing your staff's and testing new talent's skills to help you know whether you're making a good choice.

    For those reasons, you'll want to check the Resource Center (links available after December 1) for some of the education, assessment and certification options that may be right for you or your organization.

    Speaking of continuing, reinforcement and enrichment education, here are some classes offered in the near future:

    • ADA, FMLA and Workers' Compensation in [your state] from Lorman Education Services (available on audiotape) - A one-day seminar designed for human resource and payroll professionals, attorneys, environmental health and safety managers, insurance claims professionals, occupational nurses, business and benefits managers, rehabilitation specialists and other workers' compensation professionals. Will cover the relationships of ADA, FMLA and the Labor Code; employers' duty to report and consequences of failure to do so; review and analysis of the new Work Compensation Law; coverage comparisons.

      Instructors: Robert W. Conti, Esq., Glen E. Rosenberg, Esq., and Susan Vanost Silberman, Esq.

    • Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics for Business Professionals from Fred Pryor Seminars - A one-day seminar designed to help you learn separate, unique strategies to read your business materials in one sitting; deepen your understanding of whatever you read; enhance your ability to listen, learn, study, research and write; learn how to take rapid, abbreviated notes.

      Other productivity tools from Fred Pryor Seminars:

      • How to Manage Multiple Projects and Meet Deadlines
      • Taking Control of Your Workday
      • How to Organize Your Life and Get Rid of Clutter
    • Self-Discipline and Emotional Control from CareerTrack - A one-day seminar designed to help you respond with a level head, even if you're ready to "blow a fuse"; adapt to workplace changes; stick with tough challenges when solutions don't come easily; follow through on plans and meet more goals; develop steady self control to positively deal with conflicts; bring more discipline into your personal life.
    • Disabilities Unscrambled, according to Bill Truesdell of Management Advantage, these management workshops bring a fresh perspective to Affirmative Action hiring, designed to help close the gap between employers and people with disabilities. All instructors have extensive corporate experience and a disability. Workshops are customized and can be presented in two to three hours.

    Other courses and trainings you may want to consider are:
    • Management Advantage: materials and courses on EEO/AA, Recruiting, Health Care, Sales, Law, Police & Fire.
    • Interactive Employment Training: in-house and external seminars on dealing with and averting workplace discriminatory harassment issues in three modes of training for you, your managers and staff: CD, video or online courses.

    CERA Library

  • Career Opportunities
  •   The career opportunity samplers will be included in the next Update. If you have a opportunity that you'd like to post to a job board, avail yourself of the resources available in the Career Center. Those who are seeking opportunities should check both parts of The Center frequently. It's a very active place.

    • Report Proposes Executive Compensation Reform - The Conference Board's Blue-Ribbon Commission on Public Trust and Private Enterprise proposed reforms aimed at strengthening corporate compensation practices.
    • Looking for the Right Candidate After Pitt, Who? - The hunt is on for a new SEC commish. And while lots of names are being offered, none so far seems to have all the right stuff
    • A WorldCom Candidate, but No Telecom Resume - Sometimes the candidate is very qualified but has no industry experience. What factors you take into consideration instead may be the same as those WorldCom is using for Michael Capellas. Although Michael D. Capellas would be bringing big-company credentials to the job of WorldCom C.E.O., he would not bring direct experience in telecommunications.
    • Federal Update Reuters - Diversity hiring? It's a prime objective in many places. Interbiznet's Bugler reports on the FCC initiative to promote it:

      Reuters reports on the new rules adopted by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aimed at promoting job opportunities in the broadcasting and pay-television industries to all qualified candidates, an effort to better reach minorities and women. The rules require the industries to widely distribute job notices for full-time positions, give job opening information to all recruiting organizations that request it, and file data on their equal employment opportunity efforts with the FCC. Read the full FCC text.

    • Chief Learning Officers Link Training and Business Goals - There's a new career "C-Level" title in the HR industry - Chief Learning Officer or CLO. See what Workforce has to say about this type of position. Maybe that's what you've been all along and your company needs to maximize your contributions.

    According to Management Advantage's Report 241, the EEO and OFCCP expect that Census 2000 information will be available by Q3 for use by AA professionals. The EEO has made a special file available online where you will find:

    • Introduction to Variables and Values for Census 2000 Special EEO File
    • Introduction to Race and Ethnic Data for the Census 2000 Special EEO File
    • Occupational Data and Occupational Groups for the Census 2000 Special EEO File
    • Census 2000 Special EEO File Crosswalk from Census Codes and 2000 SOC Codes to the EEO Occupational Groups and the EEO-1 Job Categories
    • Comment on the Proposed EEO-1 Job Categories and Codes for the Special EEO File
    • Overview of Geographic Areas
    • Introduction to Tables for the Census 2000 Special EEO File is offering a $100 gift certificate for merchandise at According to the offer: "To find out how can help your recruiting efforts and how you can receive your FREE $100 gift certificate to call 1-800-850-0045."

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •   Here are some headlines that give you a sense of what's happening to the market due to economic and business trends:

    • McDonald's Cuts Forecast and Will Close 175 Outlets - McDonald's said that its fourth-quarter earnings would fall short of earlier forecasts and announced plans to close 175 under-performing restaurants in 10 countries.
    • Global Trade Looking Glass: Can U.S. Have It Both Ways?
    • El Paso Planning to Leave Energy Trading Business
    • Tyco's Board Abandons Attempt to Keep 2 Directors
    • Defiant S.E.C. Chief Exhorts Wall Street and Assails Critics - Even though he resigned on November 6, he's following through on public speaking engagements on behalf of the SEC? Very odd. Harvey L. Pitt spoke at an annual meeting of business leaders as the fallout continued at the S.E.C. with the resignation of Robert Herdman, the agency's chief accountant.
    • NRG Energy Inc., following months of financial triage, offered to surrender full ownership of the company to creditors through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, according to people familiar with the matter. A bankruptcy filing by the unregulated power-generation subsidiary of Xcel Energy Inc. would be the first in what is expected to be a string of energy-company bankruptcies in coming months. - Go to Article from Wall Street Journal Online (Subscription Required)
    • Tyco Board Postpones Vote on Directors - The board of Tyco International has postponed a vote scheduled for today on the renomination of two directors who had planned to step down after fraud charges were filed against the company's top former executives, according to executives close to the board. The decision to delay the vote came after New Hampshire securities regulators and a large Tyco shareholder objected yesterday to the proposal.
    • CNN's Parent May Postpone News Merger With ABC - A proposed merger between CNN and ABC News is making progress, but there is some indication that CNN parent AOL Time Warner is distracted.
    • CBS MarketWatch Eyes Edgar Online - CBS MarketWatch, the financial news and information provider, is in talks to acquire Edgar Online, a provider of Securities and Exchange Commission filings, according to The New York Post. While it is unclear how far the talks have progressed, one source said "the bankers are involved now" - which may indicate the two sides are serious. The company has a market value of about $26 million.

    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •   I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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