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December 31, 2002 Update
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CERA - career and recruiting success

December 31, 2002 Update. A wrap-up of the information to help you open the doors to opportunity.

Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   December 31, 2002 Issue  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

Significant Occurrences; Additional Site Additions

Education and Skills Assessments

Careers and Recruiting

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

Admissions Exam Test Dates
  • Jan 11 -PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test)
  • Jan 25 -SAT I and SAT II
  • Feb 8 -LSAT and ACT
  • April 26-MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test
  • Jan 6 - AIM's E-Mail Marketing 101 Seminar
    Please mention value code RK6013 when registering
  • January 30 - deadline for distributing W2s to U.S. employees
  • Jan 14 - Sizing Up for Success career search workshop. See Discussions for details
  • Jan 19-22 - Oracle AppsWorld
  • Jan 23-24 - AIM's Permission E-Mail Marketing Seminar
    Please mention value code PW7003 when registering.
  • AIRS recruiting classes and seminars
  • Jan 6- Search Lab - Web
  • Jan 6- Applications
  • Jan 7- Search Lab - Web
  • Jan 7- Files and Databases
  • Jan 10- Aggressive Headhunting
  • Jan 13- The Recruitment Industry
  • Jan 13- The Recruitment Process
  • Jan 14- Find New Clients
  • Jan 14- Be the Recruiter of Choice
  • Jan 9 - Finding the Best Diversity Candidates; Also on : Jan 27, Feb 6, Feb 25

  • Watch for the AIRS Leadership Summits in March. They promise to have a lot you'll want to know for making your Entrances into the management and leadership of your company. "The Leadership Summits bring HR and recruitment professionals, executives, and decision makers together with industry and regional experts and leaders to educate, inform, and discuss issues important to today's recruitment and HR landscapes."
  • StaffingU Courses
    • Jan 7 - Sales Track
    • Jan 8 - Recruiter Track
    • Jan 14 - Mining for Clients
    • Jan 14 - Conquering Objections
    • Feb 11 - Mining for Quality Candidates
    • Feb 11 - The Art of Closing
    • Jan 10 - ADA, FMLA and Workers' Comp in CA by Lorman Education Services - check the site for other dates and locations throughout the U.S. and Canada
    • Jan 24 - Koach Sales Performance Seminars how to avoid the 'sales roller coaster' by mastering the art of consistent sales performance - based in U.K.

    Jupiter Media Events

    Calls for Papers/Calls for Products has a call for papers for their Human Capital Metrics Summit. Email or visit the site for details.

  • Jupiter Events has a Call for Products for its allNet Devices conference in San Jose. What they say is:

    "Jupiter Research is launching a search for the leading products and technologies that will enable the vision of Digital Ubiquity. Ideally, these will be brand new products or technologies, not previously announced. Products that have shipped prior to 2003 will not be a primary focus but will be considered."

    For more details, go to the Call for Products page.

  • Institute for International Research has periodic calls for papers but you can also submit your proposal to be a speaker via their online speaker's proposal form

    Also be certain to check the events calendars for niche interests at:

    to name a few places where you'll find where people are connecting.
    Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the Travel Resources that are listed on the Discussions : Calendar page for special membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

    Those of you who want translation of the content can use Babel Fish

    Entrances Events Calendar

  •    Greetings Dear Readers!

    Yes. It is the second day of the new year; and yes, this is the second half of December 2002 news. My only excuse is that I got carried away with migrating content and forgot to write to you about what was going on. Just as when I do my weeding into the after hours of dusk, I kept saying, "But just one more."

    As one year winds down and a new one approaches the horizon, Career and Executive Recruiting Advice continues its transplanted maturity. More additions are on the site. They're about a 50/50 split between CERA and The Library.

    Guest Articles
    You'll also want to check the newest articles on the site. Three guest articles that are "have to read," whether you're a job seeker or a recruiter, are:

    • Doing What Sells by Barbara Ling. She expertly explains the strategies that are effective in making a sale. Applicable to whether you're selling a client on using your services or a potential employer on hiring you.
    • Jim Rapson explains to us Rapport: How to Get It. The way he explains NLP makes the whole process seem effortless. Again, you'll want to know about these techniques for any situation. It's bound to help you win your audience.
    • Brian Whitfield then explains the art of Managing Large Placement Orders. Even if it isn't a placement order but a huge project, you'll want to follow his organization strategies so you can wear the successful outcome on your lapel.
    Additional site additions and modifications are covered a little later in this newsletter.

  • Worth a Read
  •   BusinessWeek Where to Invest 2003 is out. This special year-end issue pulls together the latest investment thinking from the best minds on Wall Street and around the world. The Investment Outlook scoreboard provides the earning estimates and long-term growth rates for 900 companies. It adds insight into stocks, funds, the Internet and an array of global opportunities. You owe it to yourself to get your own copy in order to be more aware of what's happening.

    With the start of a new year and momentum to develop plans and strategies for success, you'll want to visit the Library's hard cover titles Business books to select some titles that will help you develop your Business Plan, or eBook format.

    Those of you just starting out, or making fresh starts, will want to download your own copy of the Career ebooks, Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed by Kevin Donlin and The Last Job Search Guide You'll Ever Need published by And for hardcover alternatives, visit the Careers Books section of the Library. There are titles on interviewing, redeveloping your work strategies, MBA strategies and more.

    Speaking of books and special information, has quite a few specials available now through January 15. Visit the Special Offers page to get a fuller listing. However, a few you'll want to know about are:

    The Library

  • Significant Occurrences; Additional Site Additions
  •    It appears three of the affiliate network executives are taking SOA terminology seriously. On December 10, W. Blair Heavey, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Be Free, Inc., a ValueClick Company, Jeffrey A. Pullen, President & CEO of Commission Junction, Inc., and James Crouthamel, President & CEO of Performics Inc. issued a joint statement of Publisher Code of Conduct. It essentially states that the networks will not tolerate interference with business efforts of their network affiliate partners in any form. The violator will be given 60 days to modify their business practices to come into compliance.

    They encourage other interested industry parties adopt or endorse the Code. A pdf copy of the Code can be found at Publisher Code of Conduct."

    Time Magazine annually selects a Person of the Year. This year they chose three, one of whom was featured on The Desk at the beginning of 2002. Reread "Going Against the Grain" and consider the reportage from Person of the Week: 'Enron Whistleblower' Sherron Watkins and Time Magazine Persons of the Year 2002, Times' announcement of this year's choices. Also consider the ideas provided by Jennifer LeClaire regarding Limits of a whistle-blower culture. It may be a difficult path, but you should ask yourself which is the better alternative.

    Want to know more about whistle blowing? Read Encouraging Whistle Blowing As A Crisis Prevention Strategy.

    Library now has a direct navigation link. In the Library, you'll find the latest modifications and enhancements, which are:
    • Recruiter Tools
      • Recruiting Wizard ATS
      • Small Business ATS Guide
      • Compensation Guide
      • Background Checking Resources
      • Company Research Resouces
      • Recruiting and Staffing Courses
      • Organizers
      • a new right-hand navigation bar
    • Forms - links to:
      • Business and Business Plans
      • HR
      • Legal
      • Tax and Government
    • Education Center - links to:
      • Training Programs
      • Distance and Online Courses and Universities
      • Archives of CERA Workshops
      • Admission Test Dates
      • Admission Test Preparation Courses
      • Language and Communication Enrichment Tools
      • Essay and Writing Support
      • Portfolio Resources
    • Assessments - Employer and Applicant Tests for skills, interests, career choices, evaluations
    • Alta Vista Search Boxes sprinkled throughout the site

    On CERA, you'll find the following modifications and enhancements:

    • Virus Alerts Center Zone Alarm Pro now available for protection from hacking

      Remember to use the Virus Alerts Center to check on the validity of virus alerts. There are several reliable hoax buster resources available there.

    • Resource Center - a Special Offers is now available so that you can find seasonal offers and discounts from CERA's resource vendors.
    • Bulletins : Calendar - have always had both tools available as well as Travel Resources to get you to the events. Now the Travel Resources have links to your destination weather, maps, hotel reviews and a currency converter.

      Remember to check the guidelines for submitting your calendar and bulletin notices while you're there

    • Career Center - has a new navigation bar to make it easier to reach other pertinent parts of the site and the tools for making your search results successful ones. Within the Career Center, you'll want to check out the latest enhancements that include:

      Professionals Channel of the Career Center was redesigned to make navigation easier

    • Polls - Two new polls are still running both expire on January 10, so you still have time to cast your vote in both
    • Discussions are now easier to reach. Links are now available from the page to the
      • Discussion List at Topica
      • Entrances Forum
      • Entrances Chat where the most current Workshop or Chat that's scheduled
      • and a navigation bar to help you reach the Workshop and Chat Archives, Career Center and Education Center faster

    New Articles

    Linked Articles

    Migrated Articles

    CERA Library

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •   IT
    • KnowledgeNet has been making significant enhancements to its delivery of learning and development products and incorporating new efficiencies that promise to increase ROI for businesses as well as employee job satisfaction. These will be discussed in detail in another issue. While you're waiting, you CTOs, CIOs and IT pros will want to mosey over to the site and see what's up.
    • CIO Insight is offering one free test preparation download from their menu of courses. BeachFront quizzers are fully functional tools with hundreds of questions, answers, explanations and links to valuable web resources. The menu of choices consists of:
      • Windows 2000 Professional (70-210)
      • Cisco CCNA (640-607)
      • Cisco CCNP (640-603,604,605,606)
      • CompTIA Network+
      • CompTIA A+
      • Citrix Metaframe 1.8
    Marketing and New Media
      Online Privacy Training - Now Available to AIM and DMA Members
      Take advantage of online privacy training at special member-only pricing, thanks to a new training partnership with ePrivacy Group, the privacy technology, training and consulting company which served as the FTC's experts in the recent email privacy/security case involving Eli Lilly. The training covers such topics as:
      • - the importance of protecting privacy
      • - safeguarding against privacy-related incidents and brand exposure
      • - complying with privacy regulations required by HIPAA, GLB, and EU Safe Harbor.

    Recruiting and Staffing
    AIRS has extended its 2002 year-end specials to January 6. It's still possible to enroll in their classes at the following special pricing:

    • Book a seat in any of the classes below, for any date in 2003 - at savings from 25% to 50%
      • Search Lab And Certification
      • Googling For Candidates
      • Find Diversity Candidates
      • Aggressive, Ethical Headhunting
    • Book a Corporate e-Training for your team of ten or more, and save an additional 25% to 50% on top of these year-end specials. Train at your desktops on your own schedule - no travel, no hassle - and you can link in team mates and colleagues from anywhere in the world!
    • Recruit, hire and retain your best contributors with AIRS Diversity Essentials package. You'll attend four cutting-edge new courses:
      • Top 20 Best Practices in Diversity Recruiting
      • The Recruiters Legal and Regulatory Checklist
      • Finding the Best Diversity Candidates - Right Now
      • Diversity Hiring and Retention Strategies That Work
      And receive unlimited access to AIRS Diversity Desktop - a searchable, sortable directory with over 500 links to the best diversity resources on the Web.
    • Remember to sign up for the next recruiting Tracks at StaffingU Courses, 3 to 8 weeks of interactive teleconference instruction, each session lasting 55 minutes. The beauty of these courses is that they can be attended from your desk. So there's no workflow interruptions.
      • Jan 7 - Sales Track (8 wk)
      • Jan 8 - Recruiter Track (8 wk)
      • Jan 14 - Mining for Clients (3 wk)
      • Jan 14 - Conquering Objections (3 wk)
      • Feb 11 - Mining for Quality Candidates (3 wk)
      • Feb 11 - The Art of Closing (3 wk)
      They're bound to help you sharpen your recruiting and sales skills.
    • Koach Power Sales promises to help you in the U.K. deliver as well. Their one-day seminar is scheduled for January 24, is packed with information. Gavin Ingham, the UK's leading attitudinal and motivational coaching expert to the recruitment industry, will share with you the secrets of top recruitment peak performers and will personally teach you how to avoid the 'sales roller coaster' by mastering the art of consistent sales performance.
    MBA News
    • Yanking the Welcome Mat for Foreign MBAs - Alberto Fumo is the type of student business schools crave. His high marks and international experience landed the budding financier admission offers at Yale and Cornell. But the Italian native chose London Business School rather than face trouble with a U.S. MBA: an imminent drop in work visas, a hiring slowdown for MBAs, and less school financial aid.
    • A Chat with UChicago's Admissions and Financial Aid Director - Don Martin (left) and second-year student Scott Anderson discuss what makes the school special -- and what makes applicants stand out
    • Doings at Darden - Darden Dean Robert Harris discusses his return to University of Virginia and his first two years at the helm.
    • Junior Colleges Try Niche as Path to Top Universities - Community colleges are recasting themselves as wise first choices for the serious student looking to sidestep crushing debt.

    CERA Education Center

  • Careers and Recruiting
  •   Here are the career opportunity samplers for this issue from some of our distinguished job boards:


    Sign-up is FREE and simple at, so visit the site and start applying for jobs, today!

    Employers - Fetch your next employee at!

    Take control of your career at

    Sweden -
    NetCom Field Applications Engineer - Posted 12/20/2002
    Sales Manager -Posted 12/11/2002

    Singapore -
    Vice President Business Development - Singapore - Posted 01/03/2003
    Customer Service Manager Singapore-Singapore - Posted 01/02/2003
    Global Accounts Sales Manager - Princeton, NJ; Miami, FL; Singapore, SGP; London, GBR - Posted 12/26/2002
    Accounting Manager - Singapore, SGP - Posted 12/06/2002

    South Africa -
    Technical Lead-RSA - Johannesbur, ZAF - Posted 01/03/2003

    India -
    Field Executive - Mumbai, India - Mumbai, IND - Posted 01/03/2003
    Research Analyst - Mumbai, IND - Posted 01/03/2003

    Belgium -
    SAP PS & PLM Analysts - 3 Positions available, start in January - -Bruges, BEL - Posted 01/04/2003
    SAP Trainers - SAP Courseware Developers - Morrisonville, NY; Bruges, BEL - Posted 01/04/2003

    Post your resume today - Find your dream job tomorrow:

    XPRESS Your Resume to Monster, Headhunter, HotJobs and 150 Other Major Boards. Click Here.

    Find the talent you need today. Post your job on

    Freelance Project Marketplace
    Looking for freelance work?
    Click a cartegory to see.
    It's FREE to look!
    Top Categories
    Logo Design
    Web Design
    Complete Website
    Web Programming
    Flash Animation
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    Bidding Information
    Subscribe today!

    IT Freelance pros, Click through and find hundreds of open projects in Web Design and Development, Software Development, and Graphic Design categories.. Remember to post your resume.

    Recruiters and employers, Post Your Open Projects

    Recruiting Tools
    Take a brief tour of the Recruiting Wizard and see how it can streamline your recruiting processes, download a free, no obligation copy and see for yourself how well it works. The price was recently reduced in preparation for the release of the next version which will be written in VB.Net using MSDE or SQL Server as the backend database. If you purchase a license before the year ends, you will get a free upgrade to the next version when it is released in the 1st Quarter of 2003.

    If you'd like some way of determining the attributes of different ATS systems, get a copy of Electronic Recruiting Exchange's Small Business ATS Guide.

    Be certain to visit the Recruiter Tools section of the Library to find out what other tools are available to make your recruiting efforts easier and more efficient.

    Recruiting Views
    How are recruiters viewing the employment landscape in 2003? According to a recent AIRS survey, they're very optimistic. See the survey results.

    Employment and Labor Law News
    From March to September 2002, a barrage of emails started coming through the mailbox with extremely low career and recruiting value. However, the thought finally dawned that there may be relevance in regard to determining whether a work-related disability really did exist. After consulting with an expert in the medical field and one in the skills assessments arenas, I still had no answer. But as this newsletter was being prepared, the answer from the Supreme Court arrived. I'll share "When It Isn't a Disability" it with you in an article on the site.

    Meanwhile, here are some Employment Law Case Headlines

    • Arbitration agreements regarding employee disputes cannot avoid shifting of legal fees. McCaskill v. SCI Management Corp. 7th Cir.
    • Unambiguous racial slurs do create a hostile work environment. Cerros v. Steel Techs, Inc.
    • Poor skills in handling confrontations establish basis for not promoting to supervisor. Crone v. United Parcel Services Inc. 8th Cir.
    • Preferential treatment of an on-the-job love interest are okay. Schobert v. Illinois Dept. of Trans.
    • No age discrimination under certain circumstances of making retirement plan inquiries by supervisors and president. Wallace v. O.C. Tanner Recognition Co. 1st Cir.
    • Whether the job was actually eliminated or merely had a name change is a jury question. Garcia v. Pueblo Country Club

    To read the full text of the cases, please visit BNA.

    Career and Job News
    • Where to work and where are the jobs are two significant questions. I recently talked with one of the recruiters at Axcion and was impressed with what I learned about the company. Apparently Fortune is also. Axcion is listed as one of the Best Places to Work. To see other job and company insider information, visit the Recruiter Tools section of the Library.
    • Breaking into I-Banking
    • Retiring Some Misconceptions - A new survey finds little common ground between workers and employees on the subject of pension and 401(k) plans
    • Top Antitrust Lawyer at Giant Firm Joins a Rival - A top lawyer at Clifford Chance, one of the world's largest law firms, defected yesterday to a New York competitor, raising questions about the appeal of globe-spanning firms that developed in the late 1990's from a spate of mega-mergers. Kevin J. Arquit, the global co-head of Clifford Chance's antitrust practice and a former senior official at the Federal Trade Commission, will become a partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, a firm best known for its roster of blue-chip corporate and investment banking clients.
    • Legal Uproar Over Proposals to Regulate the Profession - Corporate lawyers have hurriedly organized to block some proposed standards of conduct for the profession, arguing that the government proposals would critically damage their relationships with clients. A provision that would require lawyers to take evidence of potential fraud to a company's top managers and even its board could drastically hinder business deals, the lawyers contend.
    • Treasury Nominee to Get Big Pension - When the CSX Corporation calculates pension benefits for its chief executive, John W. Snow, nominated by President Bush last week to be Treasury secretary, he will receive credit for 44 years of service to the company, though he has worked there just 25. Moreover, Mr. Snow's benefits will be based not just on his salary, or even his salary and bonus, but also the value of 250,000 shares of stock the CSX board gave him.
    • Proposal to Split CEO and Chairmanship - A high-powered panel of former regulators, executives, academics and investors is seriously considering recommending that U.S. companies should split the roles of chairman and chief executive. A number of members of the panel - which is co-chaired by John Snow, the White House's nominee for Treasury secretary - favor such a split, and only two are wholly opposed, according to people close to the discussions. (subscription required to access)

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •   Tax Season Considerations
    As mentioned last time, tax season is here. H&R Blockoffers some advice on tax issues for new workers and a tip for handling education costs for those returning to school:

    Para mis primos, puedo hacer servicios en espanol, tambien. H&R Block. Contamos con toda la experiencia.

    Computer Security
    Have you updated your anti-virus program recently or run it on your system? While this newsletter was being prepared, my trusty Security Center alerted me that there is a new worm on the Net that infects the user's email and then replicates itself while sending to those in one's address book. The name of the worm is Exploit- MIME.gen. Please go to the Virus Alerts Center to check on more details, scan your system for issues, and pick up your own Security Center. It would be so embarrassing to send your client or potential employer a perfect presentation document that has virus attached.

    Business Headlines

  • A Store of Marketing Wisdom - For straightforward advice about raising your outfit's profile, you can't beat these authors' tried-and-tested insights
  • How to Cure a Behemoth's Blues - This CEO laid out the steps of a customer-oriented recovery plan and led a stumbling giant to vitality. Can you guess his name?
  • The Great Budget Debate - Supply siders and deficit hawks will square off over the best way to rev up the recovery
  • The Case of Enron's Top Lawyer - So far General Counsel James Derrick has dodged the heat. But his role raises questions about what a company's law team should know
  • It May Be Time to Plumb Your Pension's Depths - The Bush administration has proposed sweeping changes to pension regulations that would reduce some benefits. A look at what employees can expect.
  • New Fees Worsen the Market's Sting
  • This Testy Economy Refuses to Be Charmed - The statistics say that businesses and consumers are at least holding their own, but the prospect of another year of middling growth is deeply unsatisfying.
  • As Post-Boom Dust Settles, the South Grimly Downsizes
  • If There's a Global Rebound, the U.S. Will Have to Lead It

    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •   I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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