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January 14, 2003 Update
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Matters affecting the employment industry are heavy as the new year starts. Here's some of the news that affects your Entrances.

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Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   January 14, 2003 Issue  

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Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

What's Been Happening

Education and Skills Assessments

Careers and Recruiting

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

  • Jan 11 -PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test)
  • Jan 25 -SAT I and SAT II
  • Feb 8 -LSAT and ACT
  • April 26-MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test)


  • Jan 31 Deadline to distribute W2s to U.S. employees

  • Feb 5-7 Project Management for Clinical Development
  • Feb 11 StaffingU - Mining for Quality Candidates; The Art of Closing
  • Jupiter Media Events
  • Feb 10-11 - allNet Devices: The Digital Ubiquity Forum - Conference and Expo 2003
  • Feb 12-14 - Human Capital Metrics Summit
    There is a call for papers. See the site for details or email
  • Feb 20-22 - NHBA Leadership Conference - Marriott at the Capitol, Austin, TX
  • Feb 24-25 - Instant Messaging Planet 2003 Conference & Expo
  • Feb 27 - Market Access presents Innovations in Human Capital Management
  • Feb 26-27 - Jupiter Content Management Conference & Expo 2003, NY
  • Mar 4-6 - Jupiter Content Management Conference & Expo 2003, NY in Boston, MA
  • Mar 14 - 802.11 Conference and Expo Tokyo, Japan in Tokyo
  • Mar 24-27 - Summit on Leading Diversity, Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA
  • Mar 24-25 - Online Media Conference & Expo 2003, New York
  • Mar 25-27 - ER Expo West 2003
  • Mar 26-27 - Search Engine Strategies Sydney 2003 in Sydney, Australia

  • Watch for the AIRS Leadership Summits in March. They promise to have a lot you'll want to know. "The Leadership Summits bring HR and recruitment professionals, executives, and decision makers together with industry and regional experts and leaders to educate, inform, and discuss issues important to today's recruitment and HR landscapes."

    • has a call for papers for their Human Capital Metrics Summit. Email or visit the site for details.
    • Jupiter Events has a Call for Products for its allNet Devices conference in San Jose. What they say is:
      "Jupiter Research is launching a search for the leading products and technologies that will enable the vision of Digital Ubiquity. Ideally, these will be brand new products or technologies, not previously announced. Products that have shipped prior to 2003 will not be a primary focus but will be considered."
      For more details, go to the Call for Products page.
    • Institute for International Research has periodic calls for papers but you can also submit your proposal to be a speaker via their online speaker's proposal form

    As for significant networking events and conferences, classes and deadlines, please refer to the Calendar and the Bulletins

    To have your networking or career-related events listed in the Bulletins and on the Calendar, visit the Bulletins - Calendar page to get the submission guidelines.

    Also be certain to check the events calendars for niche interests at: to name a few places where you'll find where people are connecting.
    Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the Travel Resources that are listed on the Discussions : Calendar page for special membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

    Entrances Events Calendar

  •    Greetings Dear Readers!

    The last Update was a monster-sized edition. No doubt when it arrived in your mailbox, you were convinced it was a virus someone had sent you and very quickly deleted without reading. If you'd like to read the Web version, you may do so by going to December 31, 2002 Update. There was a lot happening through the end of the year. Future editions of the Update will be much smaller in size. If you're having trouble reading this issue from your email client, it is possible to read it on the Web by going to January 14, 2003 Update.

    Those of you who read, write and speak Spanish probably noticed some serious grammatical errors in the Update. I could blame them on the headache I had. I could say a gremlin virus invaded my computer and caused those flaws. Or I could say, "Yes, I did that and it was wrong." Am I embarrassed? Claro! [Definitely!] But there are valuable lessons to be learned from that [ahem] moment.

    For those of us who use English only or only occasionally, these are the types of issues you will face when it's time for you to deal with someone who speaks no English. Conversely, those of you who are learning English or only use it occasionally should take note. It is necessary to practice a language by using it in order to maintain even limited fluency. You must read, write, speak and listen about one to three hours, three or four times a week.

    With our world becoming very small because of instant communication to all parts of the globe via the Internet, it is all the more imperative that we learn at least one additional language so that we can communicate with others.

    Sermonizing is over.

    There's a lot happening at this beginning of a new year. New laws enacted, new programs and venues, new efforts at the job search. Remember to check my forecast for this year. Compare it to the one I gave last year.

  • Worth a Read
  •    REPORTS
    Vault, a workplace research firm, has published its new 2003 research report on Microsoft, which includes 58 pages of "inside" information about the world's top software company. The report provides details about Microsoft's corporate culture, compensation and benefit plans, and typical employment interview questions. The Microsoft insider guide, like all of the guides produced by Vault, gives investors and job candidates insight into the company. Microsoft, 2003 Edition is available from Vault in hard copy or download format for $24.95.

  • Recruiting on the Web: Smart Strategies For Finding the Perfect Candidate is the newest title written and published by AIRS CEO, Michael Foster. Excerpts are in the Library. You can get your own copy in the Library from either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

    Recruiting on the Web
    Recruiting on the Web : Smart Strategies... (
  • The Directory of Executive Recruiters with Cdrom (2003) (B&N)
    The Directory of Executive Recruiters... (
  • Kennedy's Pocket Guide to Working with Executive Recruiters (B&N)
    Kennedy's Pocket Guide to Working With... (
  • Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1... (
    Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+: Your Insider's Lifetime Guide to Executive Job-Changing and Faster Career Progress in the 21st Century (B&N)
    Do you want to move up? Find a new job? Attract the top headhunters? Manage your career at every stage from college to retirement, so that you'll get the best possible rewards for what you do? Rites of Passage helps you do all that and more.
  • What Money Really Means - By Thomas M. Kostigen. What Money Really Means leads readers on a fascinating exploration of the significance of money. ... provides a multi-layered perspective of money's significance: How much is necessary for survival? How integral is it to identity? Can it mitigate suffering? Can it buy happiness? Kostigen's quest culminates in an enlightening investigation into what, in an ideal world, money should mean.
  • Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching and Keeping the Best People (B&N)
    Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win... (
    Great companies are made, not born. The secret is hiring the right people - the "A" players. This is, of course, easier said than done. In this work, Dr. Smart introduces the Topgrading concept - how and why it works. Managers at every level and at companies large and small will learn how to implement his proven fool-proof method. Further, Topgrading's expert coaching techniques turn "B" players into "A" players.
  • The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches & Proposals
    - By Moira Anderson Allen. This indispensable resource is packed with expert advice no professional can afford to be without.
  • Legal Forms for Everyone - The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches & Proposals

    The Library - Books

  • What's Been Happening

    You'll want to compare my forecast to the two-part survey written up in Business Week, Hiring Outlook '03, Part One and Hiring Outlook '03, Part Two. My forecast leans heavily on economic factors. So you'll also want to see what Business Week has to say in Is It Class Warfare?

    As Job Seekers Multiply, So Can Empty Promises - When times are challenging, there are those who would prey on others. This is not to say that all in the industry are of the same ilk. But you should know that a recruiter does not charge a fee to a candidate. Check your business and professions code to learn what laws govern in your jurisdiction. Consultants do charge fees for their services. It may be based on an hourly rate or for a packaged. Do expect to pay a retainer to get started.
    Bush's Faith-Based Initiative is the subject of the current HR Challenger at HRnext. Do you know the correct answer to this challenger?

    In December, President Bush issued an executive order that:

    1. Exempts religious organizations that contract with government from state and local discrimination laws
    2. Prohibits religious institutions from receiving federal funds
    3. Permits government funds to be used for "inherently religious activities" - including proselytizing
    4. Allows religious organizations that contract with the government to hire on the basis of religion

    (Question and answer options reproduced with permission of HRnext.)

    Go to HR Challenge to take the challenge yourself. Hurry! This one will be replaced on Thursday, January 16. Free registration is required to access the site.

    There's now a Finance Center in the Library. You can now attend to home mortage, home equity and home mortgage refinancing needs at E-LOAN Mortgage Center as well as auto loans at E-LOAN Auto Center. What makes this area extra special is that there are tools on each page to provide information about each type of loan, a calculator, comparison tools. There are also tutorials and links to assist you through the process and track the progression of your application. When you're considering how to finance the advanced degree or purchase another vehicle to get you to one of the conferences (or your interview), you'll have the benefit of the Finance Center to make your decisions.

    Stay tuned. Business finance tools will be added in the near future.

    One of the polls is a retread, the other is new. The replay is:

    Screening Executive Applicants
    You've just received responses to your ad from Sherron Watkins, Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay. You:

    • Accept each application and store it
    • Do a further background check on all three
    • Send them a thank you note saying the position has been filled
    • Ask the client if they are interested in high profile candidates
    • Interview all three

    Succession Planning
    When it comes to hiring new managers at my company, we:

    • Develop and train our people, then promote
    • Have a coaching and mentoring program that develops our new leaders
    • Use a search firm to present qualified people
    • Have Human Resources run an ad
    • A mixture of the above

    Both of these polls expire on February 10, 2003.

    The year 2002 was momentous in many ways. It took its toll on some managers and made others shine even brighter. See who Business Week European edition selected as the Best (& Worst) Managers of the Year

    You'll also want to look at Business Week's Industry Outlook 2003

    And then the European edition asks whether 2003's Economy Will Be Any Different


    CERA Library

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •    234 laid off

    Perhaps you're wondering whether taking or administering skills assessment exams is worth your while. Five knowledge experts address the issue and provide stimulating answers in The Benefits of Online Skills Measurement Through the Eyes of Five Knowledge Workers.

    Management Advantage has added a new continuing education course offering in their HR curriculum called "Target Recruitment: Selecting the Right People for Your Organization's Success." Visit the site for more details.

    Here are a few web seminars that have value for some of you:
    • "IT Infrastructure: Focus on the Forest Not the Trees" - IT is becoming more and more complex. There is more to manage and fewer resources, everything is critical, nothing can fail. Explore how strategically focused organizations are looking to outsourcing to provide guaranteed "anytime, anywhere" IT services
    • IT Portfolio Management [now available on demand] - Which projects will get your limited IT dollars? Do they add value? Or, do they detract from your corporate goals? How confident are you about your decisions? Manage your IT projects as an investment portfolio and you'll know for sure.
    • InformationWeek NetRoundtable's Identity Management: View from the Trenches occurred on Wednesday, December 4, 2002. [appears to still be available on demand] It presented two Global 2000 organizations that gave business and technical details of their identity management implementations and shared their lessons learned.
    On Demand content from eSeminars:
    If you were unable to attend an event or would like to revisit the seminars you have attended, we invite you to access our On-Demand Event Directory. RECENT eSEMINARS

    CERA Education Center

  • Careers and Recruiting
    Get a Job!
    • Network Consultant / Engineer - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Web Graphics Designer - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • English Editor - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Business Development Manager - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Chief Editor/Content Manager - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • PROJECT LEADER/CONSULTANT - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • SALES EXECUTIVE - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Internet Programmer - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • DOCTORS - Consultants at [] Hospital - January 12, 2003 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Jobseeers: Find jobs easily at And remember to post your resume so that you can be found!


    FlipDog's Cutting-edge AutoPost technology makes job posting virtually effortless! You save time and money by having your jobs automatically posted on, directly from your Web site to ours. Now you can concentrate on hiring people rather than managing job listings.

    • Cut your work in half! Post jobs only once on your site
    • Automatically upload your jobs with superb accuracy Increase visibility -- you control how frequently postings are updated
    • Reach over 1.3 million job seekers per month
    • Access posting statistics from the job management screen
    • Upgrade important positions quickly and easily to get better position within searches.
    FREE - One Month AutoPost Test Drive
    To see if your Web site is eligible for the AutoPost Test Drive, call your account manager and have our tech team do a quick evaluation to see how the AutoPost technology can benefit your company. Call your account manager for more details: 877-887-FLIP (3547) or visit FlipDog Jobs

    Reach over 1 million IT pros!

    • QA Tester/Manager - Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Accounting or the combination of a non-specialized bachelors degree and completion of a professional/technical designation. - Denver, CO - Posted: 1/12/2003
    • QA Tester/Manager - Execute test functions on components by using new or existing software tools. This may involve designing, developing and/or modifying computer software. - Denver, CO - Posted: 1/12/2003
    • Systems Programmer - Experience with standard network operating Systems, GE Smallworld GIS Software and the Magik programming language or related GIS and OOD and programming education/experience. - Westminster, CO - Posted: 1/12/2003
    • Systems Programmer - Analysis and real time DSP processor implementation of advanced algorithms for voice processing - Mountain View, CA - Posted: 1/12/2003
    • Applications Project Manager - seeking an exceptional software development manager to lead our team of software engineers in defining and building the new site management platform. - Tacoma, WA - Posted: 1/10/2003
    • Applications Project Manager - seeking an exceptional software development manager to lead our team of software engineers in defining and building the new site management platform. - Seattle, WA - Posted: 1/10/2003
    • Applications Developer - looking for an exceptional software developer for our Development Team that handles trouble ticketing, change management, asset management and various support applications. - Tacoma, WA - Posted: 1/10/2003

    SW and IT jobseekers should include this site as part of your networking strategy. Click here to post your resume on the largest network of IT-specific sites in the world!

    Post your jobs on the largest network of IT-specific sites in the world!

    Join Vault

    • Firm seeking a paralegal for their Litigation Department Law Firm Staff Buffalo, NY Jan 10, 2003
    • Florida firm is seeking a Part Time Library Researcher. Law Firm Staff Jacksonville, FL Jan 10, 2003
    • Florida law firm seeks a Legal Assistant with experience at a law firm Law Firm Staff Jacksonville, FL Jan 10, 2003
    • Fort Lauderdale is seeking a Real Estate Closing Assistant. Law Firm Staff Fort Lauderdale, FL Jan 10, 2003
    • High level of responsibility for a paralegal with the right exp. Law Firm Staff New York City, NY Jan 10, 2003
    • Houston firm seeks Patent Agents and Technical Advisors. Law Firm Staff Houston, TX Jan 10, 2003
    • Houston office is seeking a Paralegal. Law Firm Staff Houston, TX Jan 10, 2003
    • If you have sophsticated experience in bankruptcy work as a paralegal. Law Firm Staff New York City, NY Jan 10, 2003
    • If you have sophsticated experience in corporate work as a paralegal. Law Firm Staff New York City, NY Jan 10, 2003

    Vault is offering a very attractive posting plan to recruiters right now. Post jobs for $17.95 per month; post a 60-day listing for $75; post internships for free. Target the best professionals and college graduates by accessing 500,000 job seekers a month. Post your listing on Vault's Job Board.

    As always, candidates can post your resume to receive free e-mailed jobs that match your criteria. Take advantage of VaultMatch.

    from Electronic Recruiting Exchange - recruiters' jobboard:
    • Recruiting Operations Manager Citizens Bank Providence, RI
    • Sales Consultant - National Sales J&C Nationwide Atlanta, GA
    • Sales Recruiter Quicken Loans Livonia (Detroit metro), MI
    • Recruitment Specialist International Resources Group Washington, DC

    From Pacific Contracts, Inc.:
    We have the following software testers[QA], developers, in the following areas:
    Web Applications, Visual FoxPro, People Soft, Siebel, as400,VB/ASP, Cisco /Unix admin and WIndows NT/2000 Admin., Cognos, Lotus Notes.

    Contact Information: or
    Tel:1-888-248-3443 or 1-888-713-7201 Fax:603-297-5644

    All of our consultants are contract or contract to hire - h1-b visa transfer required. Extremely well experienced and reasonable contract rates [Actual Salary Billing]

    Spiritual Uplifting
    Are you feeling discouraged about your job search or workplace conditions? Sometimes getting information about where the resources are isn't the medicine. You just need a brief cup of coffee, that shot in the arm, to help you stay the course. Stop by the Spiritual Sisters Cafe to get that uplift. You'll be glad you did. Pay particular attention to what's in "Spirituality in the Workplace." There's lots to learn.
    Women and Work
    Since the 1970s, women have fought the battle of being included in a more meaningful way in the workforce and earning more that kitchen money for their efforts. M.P. Dunleavey talks about another factor in the formula, Cost of being a stay-at-home mom: $1 million.
    Tax season is approaching. Now is the time to start preparing. No doubt you have some questions about "what to do if ..." Here are a couple of those questions and answers provided by H&R Block.

    Requerdale. H&R Block tiene servicios en espanol. H&R Block. Contamos con toda la experiencia.

    JupiterMedia Announces that John Patrick, Former IBM Vice President of Internet Technology Joins its Board of Directors. Mr. Patrick retired from IBM in 2001 after a 35-year career where his most recent position was Vice President of Internet Technology. He is the author of the recently published book Net Attitude (Perseus Publishing). Mr. Patrick becomes the fourth independent director on the Jupitermedia board of six.

    Mr. Patrick also served in various financial roles during his career at IBM including a stint as Chief Financial Officer of various business units of the company. "He brings a rare and well-rounded business resume that will be tapped by both our board of directors and executive team," said Alan Meckler, Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Jupitermedia Corporation.


    • According to a Business & Legal Reports survey, employers expect pay raise to be between 3.6 to 4.5 percent in 2003. For more details, see the summary provided in Pay Raises to Average 3.6 to 4.5 Percent in 2003.
    • Rewards + Teams = Profits - What sort of rewards system are you using to motivate, reward and keep your employees? Joanna Krotz looked at some systems that work and don't for building team work (and resulting increased goodwill and profitability) by examining some unique practices by Nucor and Saturn.
    • Last issue, I said Axcion was listed among the Best Places to Work by Fortune Magazine. I forgot to provide the link to their site. If you'd like to read Fortune's assessment of the company, please visit Axcion, Rank 59. Other notables on the Fortune list are Stockbroker Edward Jones, The Container Store, Alston & Bird, Xilinx, Adobe Systems and American Cast Iron and Pipe. Visit Recruiter Tools to see some of the other Company lists.
    • Who are the best managers? Better question, who are The Best Unknown Managers according to Business Week. The next question that should be asked is why are they unknown. For you recruiters, you should be asking yourselves "How do I get to know these types of people?"
    • Experts See Vulnerability as Outsiders Code Software - As American companies move their software development tasks to computer programming companies, new concerns are being raised about the security risks involved.
    • Apple Branches Out, Offering 2 Software Programs
    • I.B.M. in Deal to Farm Out Some PC Jobs
    • The November 22, 2002 issue of Management Advantage (#246) listed the 15 best companies to work for those over 50. The complete list is on their website.
    • Also from Management Advantage (#245) is news of EEO-1 employment categories. The nine categories have been drastically altered, according to MA. You may review the changes on the EEOC site.
    • Veganism was determined by the California Court of Appeals to not be a religious creed requiring accommodation, according to news from Management Advantage (#245). See Friedman v. Southern California Permanente Medical Group (No. B150017, California Court of Appeal, September 13, 2002).
    • New state legislation in New York (A. 7340) makes it unlawful for an employer to impose circumstances that require an employee to forego religious observations as a condition of employment; while North Carolina's S.L. 02-163 became effective on January 1, making changes to the ADA requirements. (MA #245)
    • California voted to do away with Affirmative Action in its 1996 elections. However, that does not mean that the EEOC (a federal agency) has been abolished. In a talk given by Woody Gilliland, Regional Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), enforcement continues to be a strong focus of the agency (as reported by MA (#247). The Agency has three more no-cost employer training programs around the country. The schedule is posted on the agency's web site.
    • MA's #247 also discusses the new Department of Homeland Security and what it means to Human Resources departments. Also discussed in this issue are the worst mistakes HR makes in dealing with the EEOC. You'll want to read these analysis in order to stay informed.

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •    eHealthInsurance Concerned about the Uninsured
    The health care segment of the U.S. GNP was $1.3 trillion in 2000. Health insurance is the single largest category of health care, at 33% of the total segment. Minimally it was a $474 billion market in 2001. The Census Bureau said there are 41.2 million uninsured individuals in the U.S. (most current numbers, from 2001). This number could exceed 44 million by 2009 if all factors are constant.

    Health insurance is one of the important employment benefits. In fact, it's an critical necessity whether one is in the workforce or not. Right now, over 41MM Americans are uninsured, and many people incorrectly believe the main reason for this is that these people are economically challenged. However, the most compelling part of this story is that most of these people can afford health insurance, but don't know it! There is a solution. eHealthInsurance encourages those who are not covered to visit their site for a quote. A carrier of health, dental, family and senior plans, eHealthInsurance may have the right plan at the right price for you.



    McAfee advises there is a Medium Risk worm on the net called W32/Yaha.k. It spreads itself by using its own email engine. It may also prevent anti-virus software from working properly. McAfee goes on to say that current and up-to-date VirusScan Online subscribers are protected from this threat.

    Also, W32/Holar.c@MM is a Low-Profiled Risk worm. This virus spreads via email, mailing itself to addresses extracted from files on the victim machine. In testing, multiple copies of the virus attached to outgoing messages were sometimes observed (up to 4 attachments per message).

    Whether you choose McAfee or another trusted vendor, visit the Virus Alerts Center to check your system, update your software, and make certain you're safe. You may also want to get your own free copy of the SecurityCenter while you're in the Alerts Center in order to keep you aware of what's about.

    McAfee has received increased reports that W32/Yaha.k is masquerading as a virus warning. It uses email spoofing to disguise the sender's email address and may us incorrectly as the email address. If you receive a message from, do not open it.

    McAfee SeruityCenter today provided an advisory regarding W32/Kivra.a as a medium risk virus. It is a mass mailer worm that spreads via email, ICQ, IRC and KaZaa.It attempts to steal your passwords, and also tries to terminate anti-virus and firewall products.

    Please check the Virus Alerts Center for more information.

    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •    I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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