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The most recent virus alerts that may affect you, your business, your job search, your documents, and some downloads that may help.

Useful Sites for Assistance and Additional Information
  • Ask Dr. Tech
    Since "Coach" has started its rebellious period, this site has become really important to know about. These kindly folks give advice on how to get around, work through, and overcome any technical difficulty with any computer-related product. If they can't help you fix it or work around the problem, they'll give you a referral to a place near you that can do the more complicated technical job. Registration fee required.
  • BugNet
    A site that specializes in providing information about how to remove computer bugs and viruses. Also has alerts and analyses. May require subscription.
    Virus protection and PC maintenance tools all in one place for a very reasonable price at Clinic. It's a great way to keep your PC running smoothly and virus clean.

    • McAfee Dispatch
      Links to regional virus information and fixes, anti-virus tips, and the Dispatch Newsletter that updates readers regarding viruses, hoaxes and other matters.    
    • McAfee Regional Virus Information
      Information about viruses worldwide for the past 24 hours, seven days and month. Searchable by continent.    
    • McAfee Virus Calendar
      A text calendar of known viruses and their release dates. Clickable links describe the virus, remedies and other important information. Information can be emailed from the site.    
    • McAfee Virus Hoax Listing
      A list of active hoaxes. Clickable links take the user to a description of the hoax and other characteristics.    
    • McAfee Virus Tips
      Ten virus safety tips.


You can get these services and more by downloading your free copy of the SecurityCenter.

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For details about the SecurityCenter, please refer to the Datasheet.

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