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Ever wonder why it's so difficult to retain your best performers? Ten things that should be monitored on the management side. 

Mel Kleiman, CSP

TEN - Scheduling Conflicts: They applied for the job because the employer promised "flexible hours," but it turns out that "flexible hours" means they have to work whenever and however long the manager wants them to.

NINE - Lack of Recognition: The supervisor never gives employees any positive feedback for fear they might ask for a raise.

EIGHT - Given All the "Dirty Work": When it comes to job assignments, the manager gives the worst jobs to her best people because they can be depended on to do it right and not complain.

SEVEN - Lack of Respect: The manager has his wires crossed he praises in private and criticizes in public.

SIX - No Chance for Advancement: When an opportunity for advancement arises, the supervisor calls his circle of friends and hires from the outside rather than promoting from within.

FIVE - No Training: The manager doesn't believe training people is a good investment because "they'll leave in three months anyway."

FOUR - No Attention or Authority: The supervisor is so busy fighting fires and doing "important things" that she never has any time to listen to her employees, yet she doesn't give them the authority to solve problems themselves either.

THREE - Mind-Numbing Tasks: The work itself is boring and repetitive. The supervisor fails to find ways to make it more fun or more challenging for employees.

TWO - Failed to Hire Tough: The employee was not a good fit for the position because the hiring manager put out the "Help Wanted" sign and chose the person he thought interviewed best.

ONE - Substandard Co-Workers: The good employee isn't paid enough to put up with the hiring mistakes the people who turn out to be lazy, indifferent, or undependable co-workers.

About the Author:
Mel Kleiman is an internationally recognized authority on recruiting, selecting, and retaining employees. His expertise is based on more than 25 years of practical experience as the owner of three different businesses plus research and consulting work for hundreds of clients.

Kleiman has been featured on CNN Headline News and has several books to his credit including Hire Tough, Manage Easy; Recruit Smarter, Not Harder; 267 Hire Tough Interview Questions; and How to Build a Magnetic Culture. His articles have appeared in hundreds of trade journals, human resource magazines, and association newsletters.

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