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CERA - career and recruiting success

Leadership and management strategies and perspectives via electronic downloads. 

Business Management Series
Business Management Series
  • #1 in the Business Management Series: Starting your own Business. Filled with expert advice, this plain-English guide walks you through every aspect of starting a business.
  • #2 in the Business Management Series: Creating a Successful Business Plan. Our guide offers step-by-step strategies to help you write a plan that will get your dream business off to a secure start.
  • #3 in the Business Management Series: Financing Your Small Business. This guide reveals over 101 sources of capital, including a state-by-state index of small business friendly banks.
  • #4 in the Business Management Series: Successful Sales and Marketing. Loaded with pratical, proven marketing advice and tactics, this indispendible guide can help you transform your business into a money making machine.

Order all four guides for only $195, that's a savings of $121. Take the next step to starting your own business.


$45 Billion! That's how much money e-commerce businesses are expected to generate in sales this year alone. Want to get in on the action? This handy guide will show you how. Inside you'll find everything you need to know to create a successful dotcom business, including expert advice on funding your e-business, low-cost site building, design tips and techniques and sure-fire ways to attract customers.

Best Practices: Building Your Business
                                       with Customer-Focused Solutions
Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions

Thanks to over six years of ongoing research and an investment of $30 million, Arthur Andersen has created its Global Best Practices Database to uncover breakthrough thinking at world-class companies. Now, in Best Practices, Arthur Andersen for the first time shares its understanding of how more than forty best-practices companies focus on their customers, create growth, reduce cost, and increase profits.

Consulting Service
Consulting Service

Every industry uses consultants. And many consultants make up to $1,000 a day. Chances are, you've got specialized knowledge or expertise corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals will be willing to pay for. But, expertise in a specific area isn't the only thing you'll need. You'll also need to know how to market yourself. How to bill for your time. How to plan for taxes and much more. This start-up guide can put you on the path to becoming a well-paid consultant. It's filled with answers, advice and tips on getting your consulting business off the ground, growing it and making it a success.