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CERA - career and recruiting success

Some titles on recruiting tools, issues, and strategies.

Recruiting on the Web : Smart Strategies... (Amazon.com)

The complete guide to locating outstanding talent on the Internet

Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS) is the industry leader in training and information services for online recruiting. In Recruiting on the Web, founder and CEO Michael Foster offers powerful new strategies for using the internet to find and recruit the best talent.

Readers will learn strategies for posting job openings and searching through millions of resumes in job databanks, as well as ways to locate both actively looking candidates and the most desirable catches of all -- the silent, passive candidates. Recruiting on the Web also reveals how to:

  • Build a personal Internet recruiting Rolodex
  • Tailor online searches to peruse hundreds of thousands of personal Web pages
  • Infiltrate corporate websites with ingenious -- and legal -- techniques to uncover choice resumes and hot candidates

Steady economic growth and shifting demographics have contributed to an ever more competitive employment landscape. In virtually all market sectors talent acquisition is more challenging than ever before. In Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy, Paul Siker addresses why organizations and recruiters can ill-afford to rely upon traditional passive recruiting channels as the predominant means of staffing openings, and why they must now implement consultative selling strategies that enable the creation of long-term, actionable relationships. Also, Siker maps out an array of proactive strategic and tactical recruiting best practices that can enable recruiting professionals to further optimize their ability to identify, engage, and successfully recruit talented passive candidate prospects. A Partial Listing Of Chapters Includes: Proactive Recruiting: Why it matters, and why organizations must incorporate direct recruiting into the talent acquisition matrix. Consultative Selling in Recruitment: Talent can no longer be treated as a commodity. Recruiters must sell themselves, and leverage employer brand identity, while also creating long-term, actionable relationships. Enhanced Sourcing & Introductory Call Techniques: Proven approaches to calling prospective candidates using comfortable and engaging methods that flat-out work. Overcoming the Voicemail Roadblock: Learn how to leave cohesive messages that will dramatically improve callback percentage. Referral Acquisition: Creative approaches to consistently securing quality prospective candidate leads. Offer Negotiation & Closing Strategies: Formulate, present, and close offers consistently, and in a manner that resonates with candidates. Mitigating Counter-Offers: Eliminate surprises by doing the right things at the front-end of recruitment lifecycle. Daily Planning & Assessment: Learn how to build a results oriented, proactive recruiting game plan.

Executive Recruiters are your channel to jobs that just aren’t advertised anywhere. Make this highly effective employment opportunity work for you and accelerate your job search with The Directory of Executive Recruiters. Published since 1971, the famous “Red Book” lists thousands of search firms with all the contact information you need to start networking immediately with executive recruiters: address, phone, fax, e-mail and web addresses.

This volume, the first to focus exclusively on women serving on corporate boards of directors, provides the latest thinking and research findings on this increasingly important corporate governance issue. It includes censuses of women directors in a number of countries, identifies reasons for their limited numbers, indicates why appointing qualified women to boards offers competitive advantages, and suggests practical ways corporations can attract, recruit and appoint more women board members. Researchers interested in gender and corporate governance issues, companies interested in increasing their numbers of women board members, and women and men serving or hoping to serve on corporate boards will find this book of interest.

Packed with the tips, advice and know-how you need to maximize your career opportunities with executive recruiters, including: How the Industry Works; Using an Executive Recruiter; Working with Job Search Professionals; The Executive Recruiting Industry; Types of Executive Recruiters; Retainer and Contingency Firms; Specialists and Generalists; The Client/Recruiter Relationship; The Executive Recruiting Process; The Candidate/Recruiter Relationship "Insider" Tips and Techniques: Forming a Recruiter Contact Strategy; Identifying Specific Recruiters; Professional Organizations; Making Your Achievements Visible; The Right Tools - Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, Mailings; The Right Etiquette - Make the Best Use of Your Time and the Recruiter's Time, reserve Confidentiality and more How to Get Noticed; Mass Mailings, Traditional and E-mail PLUS! A glossary of recruiting terminology and much more!

About the Author Since 1970, Kennedy Information has been the leading information source on select professional services, including management consulting, executive recruiting and investor relations. Described by Fortune magazine as "authoritative" and regularly quoted by The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times of London, CNN and nearly every major media outlet around the globe, Kennedy editors and analysts are the world's foremost experts in these markets.