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Business titles in hard cover and paperback.

Steps to Small Business Start-Up

Turn your idea into a successful business with the finest resource available for small business start-ups. Prospective entrepreneurs from all backgrounds will immediately benefit from Steps to a Small Business Start-Up's proven methods to launch a new venture. Learn all the mechanics of starting up your own business in detail. New in this edition of Steps to a Small Business Start-Up, each chapter includes information on how to best utilize technology in your business.


  • Straightforward ways to choose the business that best suits you.
  • Great tips on using technology to your best advantage.
  • Essential pointers on protecting your new venture.
  • Proven guides on researching your market, and targeting profitable customers.
  • Expert advice on financial issues like bank accounts, financing, and cash flow.

About the Authors:
Linda Pinson and Jerry Jinnett are small business consultants, authors, and successful entrepreneurs with more than 40 years in the wholesale, retail, and service industries. They have coauthored Anatomy of a Business Plan, Keeping the Books, and Target Marketing. Pinson is also the author of Automate Your Business Plan, the companion software to Anatomy of a Business Plan.

Clueless about Starting Your Own Business

Has starting a business got you stumped? If You're Clueless about Starting Your Own Business and Want to Know More shows you how to plan, start, and run your own venture. Find smart answers to your big questions about entrepreneurship. This engaging accessible guide is just the good-natured kick in the pants you need! Written by a guy who's been in the trenches, you'll find out just what it takes.


  • Effective guidance on where to start, and where to go from there.
  • Easy information on mapping out a business plan.
  • Great ways to position your business and product.
  • Expert tips on assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

About the Author:
Seth Godin has launched a number of successful small businesses, including Seth Godin Productions, a book packaging firm, and Yoyodyne Entertainment, an online direct marketing company. He is the creator of more than 80 books, with more than 5.6 million copies in print, including the New York Times bestsellers The Beardstown Ladies' Common Sense Investment Guide, and The Beardstown Ladies' Stitch-in-Time Guide to Growing Your Nest Egg.

Anatomy of a Business Plan

Join more than a million other businesses who have used Anatomy of a Business Plan to guide them through the business-plan-writing process. If you want to grow your business or access financing from lenders or investors, you need a business plan that produces results. Selected as a Ben Franklin Award winner for Best Business Book, Anatomy of a Business Plan gives you a proven step-by-step process for developing a polished, professional, and results-oriented plan.


  • The latest marketing strategies that incorporate the Web.
  • An explanation of financial assumptions.
  • Sample forms, worksheets, examples, and more to help you get started.
  • Straightforward information about taxes you'll have to pay.
  • Helpful guidelines on keeping your business plan up-to-date.

About the Author:
Linda Pinson is an award-winning author, business planning expert, speaker, consultant, and nationally recognized business educator with a specialty in financial management and small business curriculum development. The author of seven popular entrepreneurial books, she has also developed and published the bestselling business plan software program, Automate Your Business Plan.

What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business

This eye-opening book provides you with a behind-the-scenes look at how 100 top entrepreneurs started their business. From planning to marketing, you'll get the inside story on all the triumphs and the obstacles. With this kind of straightforward, no-nonsense practical advice, you'll know what to expect as you make your way through the trials and tribulations of a business start-up.


  • Real-life advice from 101 successful entrepreneurs.
  • In-depth features on choosing a business, making a plan, and setting your goals.
  • Step-by-step guidance on all the early decisions you'll need to make.
  • Expert guidance on obtaining financing for your business idea.
  • Professional advice on management -- from problem solving to building a foundation for success.

    About the Author
    Since 1988, award-winning journalist and writer Jan Norman has authored more than 700 small business columns for the Orange County Register. Now distributed worldwide by the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, this weekly newspaper column, It's Your Business, explores real-life solutions to problems business owners encounter when launching and running their companies.

    Business Planning Guide

    Designed for entrepreneurs, students, and small business owners alike, the best-selling The Business Planning Guide is a helpful hands-on guide to putting together a complete and effective winning business plan. In this new and revised eighth edition, readers can improve their technical savvy on the business planning front by utilizing the all-new Internet resource guide and a slew of tips on using the Internet as a planning tool.


    • Three complete sample business plans, including the all-new World Beat Travel plan.
    • An expanded marketing section, complete with helpful tips for marketing on the World Wide Web.
    • An all-new and updated resource guide.
    • Sample forms.
    • Easy-to-comprehend explanations.

    About the Author:
    David H. "Andy" Bangs, Jr., is the founder of Upstart Publishing and the author of several small business bestsellers. Andy lives and works in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    How to Prepare and Present a Business Plan

    Joseph R. Mancuso reveals all you need to know about creating the written document that will secure your venture capital... and help you become and enviably successful entrepreneur.

    • How to describe your business history, manufacturing plan, marketing, competition, and more.
    • How your plan will be analyzed by financial decision makers.
    • How to anticipate questions and issues and prepare a thorough, winning case.
    • Where to present your plan to raise capital.
    • An extensive appendix that includes three full-length business plans and five outlined plans.

    About the Author:
    Joseph R. Mancuso is the founder of the Center for Entrepreneurial Management, Inc., and the Chief Executive Officers' Clubs, the world's largest nonprofit membership organization of the presidents of growing companies. He is the author of fifteen books.