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I’ve never met a CEO who was really happy with the way business development was working. They all end up saying the same thing. “Traditional solutions fail to produce expected results while regularly generating unexpected costs. There needs to be a better way.” Amazing Pace shows you how to turbo-charge business development. Over decades of experience as a CEO, board member and senior advisor, I have developed a unique approach to turbo-charging business development. It involves: 1) a board of advisors, which is populated by very senior people who are dedicated to driving the top line; 2) a different approach to resourcing and organizing a company’s senior management team; and 3) an approach that focuses on building revenue in large chunks. This book will show you how it’s done. It will also help you avoid the pitfalls and leverage the strengths of your company. Read on—this really works!

Alpha Teach Yourself Business Plans in 24 Hours

Alpha Teach Yourself Business Plans in 24 Hours is a step-by-step guide for writing a business plan that any entrepreneur can provide to bankers, venture capital firms, and other potential investors. The author explains what investors look for in a business plan and shows how to create a plan that will result in funding and support.

E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning

Almost all large and midsize corporations worldwide will be involved in implementing enterprise resource planning and/or e-business applications over the next two to three years. This is the only book that discusses how to implement a rapid ERP system and shows how e-business is impacted by the implementation of an ERP system. This book also provides valuable tried and true methods of keeping the project under or within budget. A quality ERP transaction foundation is a prerequisite for taking advantage of many of the new e-business opportunities that executives have placed high on their list of priorities.

101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home: How to Choose and Build Your Own Successful e-Business (2008)

Written for those who want to break away from rigid schedules, unappreciative bosses, and soul-sapping commutes, this book will put prospective Internet entrepreneurs on the road to success. The basics of Internet mechanics and commerce are analyzed and followed by examinations of successful Internet businesses. Providing more than just technical information, this manual is also a guide to prioritizing what the entrepreneur wants to get out of the business and determining what level of risk is comfortable.

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