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Sound off! Say what's on your mind.

There are three ways to participate on the site:

Join the conversation at Entrances's discussion list at Topica, or start your own discussion, network with fellow members, or post a review.

The Bulletins are interactive. Talk about your experiences with any of the events, information or opportunities posted. This is another excellent place for networking.

Visit Entrances Chat at DelphiForums.

Chat Schedule:
  • Title: Sizing Up for Success
  • Location: Entrances Chat
  • Date: January 14
  • Time: 10 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

Kick off your new year career search strategies by attending this free chat.

We'll take some time to evaluate

  • interests
  • career options
  • interest and career strengths
  • interest and career skills, and
  • how to apply that information to your new search plans

Please prepare by reading:

Be prepared to analyze your results in order to develop your search goals and strategies

This will be a great networking opportunity. Also come prepared to make some good connections.

Discussion List Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Entrances Discussion list is hosted at Topica. Topica has published their TrustE Privacy Policy, their Anti-Spam Policy, and their Terms. All of those policies and terms are accepted and adopted by the CERA Career Network.

In furtherance of those policies and the Career Network Privacy Policy, anyone who is reported by one List Member to have without their permission or request been added to a mailing list as a result of their posting to the Discussion List will receive a warning and be put on a Probationary Status. Anyone who is reported by two List Members to have been added to a mailing list without first obtaining express permission or request to be added to those lists will be removed from the Discussion List and be banned from access to it.

It is the desire of the Career Network to promote healthy, productive exchange and better networking opportunities among career seekers, recruiters and managers. These policy statements are intended to give substance to the desire and intent.

If you have recommendations for increasing networking and discussion opportunities through the Career Network, please feel free to contact Yvonne LaRose with your recommendations and suggestions. If you are already a Discussion List member, feel free to discuss the options among your list members.

Feel free to join the discussions or use the Feedback forms

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