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Started in February 2000, Career and Executive Recruiting Advice (CERA) has become more than anyone expected.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of Career and Executive Recruiting Advice (CERA) is to provide a high quality, reliable information and guidance for those who desire to advance their careers in the management arena and effectively use executive recruiting services. One of the ways those objectives are reached is by answering your requests and questions in the articles and recommended resources.
This site is also a channel for assisting the business and hiring manager consider those issues that will help them use executive recruiter services more effectively in order to save time and money while finding the best candidate for their opportunity. Meanwhile, recruiters may want to consider the reminders offered to those on the other side of the desk.
I hope you'll enjoy using this site and the recommended products as much as I derive satisfaction in providing you with these resources, tools, and information.

About the Consultant

Yvonne LaRose is a California Accredited Consultant who is also a freelance journalist and writer with more than 20 years of legal background and experience in litigation and business law. She has written for a number of online publications on business, management and career issues, in addition to print publications; and was the producer of a two-year legal news radio broadcast.

In addition to writing, Yvonne has worked as a disabilities accommodation provider, adult literacy tutor, and community mediator.

While the Operations Manager for a boutique executive search firm in Los Angeles, she began writing Career and Executive Recruiting Advice for Suite101 in February 2000, where the column resided until August 2002.


Requests for consultations, speaking engagements, training sessions, content creation, research or special reports can be made by sending an email to

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Our Company

CERA was born out of duties of the Operations Manager for a boutique, third-party search firm. Initially a vehicle to create a presence for the firm, it became a regular column to deliver advice and information about issues that make one more eligible for advancement into executive management positions and effective use of a search firm.

Executive Recruiting Entrances

Entrances began in June 2000. When it initially launched, it was the home of the newsletter for the weekly column Career and Executive Recruiting Advice (CERA). Entrances was supposed to be a casual place where career exchanges could happen.

The name "Entrances" implied introductions and advancement opportunities into the executive echelon through career development and executive recruiting relations. So the discussion areas were also meant to foster exchanges about where things were happening, success stories, and trading of strategies that worked -- and didn't.

About a month or two after its launch, the number of career opportunities and other networking bulletins outgrew the capabilities of CERA. Information about those door-opening opportunities were then added to Entrances. And it soon became apparent that business owners and managers were also seeking information and resources for running more efficient, cost-effective departments and businesses. Yes, those resources were also added to Entrances.

By the end of 2000, the site had developed its own identity and in January 2001, it acquired its own domain name. The name was refined to provide some definition of the types of "entrances" that happen and became "Executive Recruiting Entrances." A few weeks later, the discussion list sprouted.

The site continues to grow and evolve in response to users' and readers' patterns and requests. It is the main section of a multiplex site. "Entrances" continues to provide a rich mixture of information and resources for business, career development and recruiting knowledge. In conjunction with it are two specialized wings that were started in mid-2001. The first is Recruit and which offers recruiting and retention information, strategies and resources while Career Coach Corner (acquired in Fall 2001) provides career development advice and resources. Together, they offer the readers and users tools and advice for "Entrances" through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!

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