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Career Coach News - July 28, 2003
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Some new perspectives on career strategies.


Things have been quiet on the newsletter and site fronts since February. The reason for the lull is because I've been in the trenches getting a real-life look at the situations you're experiencing and gaining a sense of what you care about in your career endeavors. There is a lot going on that's being driven by a myriad of dynamics. We'll talk about them as we move forward.


Challenging Times

Yes, we're shocked again with an event of global proportions. What could have been the cause of the Challenger's destruction was investigated. An official answer reached the public in due course.

But as the morning of February 1 peeled its way into midday, evening and crept into the next, reportage mounted of so many little things that were not right. They appeared to have little significance and the effects subsided innocuously. Because the little incidents ended with no apparent consequence, no further investigation was made.

In the end, will the official report tell us that the aggregation of those little things that subsided with no apparent consequence were warnings that issues needed attending in order to avoid a major event? Sometimes just the drip of some coffee onto electrical wires can cause the destruction of a very large entity. Likewise, little things that don't quite seem right on reports or transactions on ledgers can be rationalized and dismissed. But they do mount up. Although small, they are the harbingers of major issues. If left unattended, disaster will follow.

The revelations that hit the news at this time last year forced us to take notice of those little things here and there. Thousands are paying the cost of buying into the rationalization and jumping on the bandwagon of silent acceptance and buying into something that was inherently wrong.

Whether large or small, whether it subsides or not, attention to details is important. It affects good financial reporting, product liability, stock and balance sheet performance, professionalism and survival.

Yvonne LaRose
Viva Voce (February 13, 2003)

Alliance Building

Wouldn't you know it? Just when you thought your entry into the new department was successful something happens to let you know you were completely wrong.

Scenario One:
It's one of those times when a door is left open as you pass by and the words of a conversation flow into your pathway. Or else, you're passing by the partition wall of a cubicle and the voices of two colleagues rise above the particle board and fabric, your name and circumstances being plainly discussed. Someone has feigned friendship in order to gather as much information from you in order to do the same project and gather all of the credit for it.

Scenario Two:
You're supposed to be collaborating on a project. You've done all of the research, fine tuned the information, identified the optimal solution and presented your findings to your colleague and your boss. Green light. Until then, your colleague has paid little to no attention to your work but then develops a desire to look at the information a little more closely. A week later, you learn that the colleague has done an "end run" -- they took the finalized information and activated the project in their name without anyone's approval or prior knowledge. You're left with nothing or else are a subservient partaker.

No matter who you are, either of these scenarios is going to leave you with steam coming out of your ears.

Unfortunately, most women who find themselves in these types of situations buy in to the emotional aspect and let the relationships die. Hurt feelings melt into distrust and distant, strained relationships where there is little communication and lots of unvalidated conjecturing.

On the other hand, it has been noted that most men will be annoyed (if not ired) with these types of situations but will take them in stride. It becomes a very clinical process. A relationship is not killed. The now predictive information about the associate is collected and stored, then used as necessary in the future.

The other thing most men will do in these situations is rather than rebuild the project from the remmants of the original research and put forth a complete new effort, they will use persuasion and alliance building to partner with the clever co-worker so that the now established resource can be shared at a reduced cost to all.

An additional strategy that can be (and frequently is) used is to conveniently talk about the development of the project with the clever colleague during a department meeting, in your office while your door is open, or while standing in their own cubicle where lots of traffic moves along the adjoining corridor.

One more note about keeping this associate. This person can become your own secret weapon. It takes talent to do many things; not everyone has the same strengths. There is a bright side to actions as well as a dark side, depending on how they are used. Where this person has a strength at being clever in areas where you are weak, it would behoove you to cultivate this relationship so that they want to do things for you. Just be certain that you leave yourself a healthy space so that the matches don't singe your coattail.


If you'd like to gather some books on these subjects, why not visit the CERA Library, Books link. You'll find several media choices ranging from Books on Tape and eBooks to Barnes & Noble and Amazon at your disposal, in addition to Allworth Books.


You can also get hands-on practice at developing these skills by taking one of the courses offered by any of the fine online universities in the Education Center.


Keep your options open, no matter what happens. Be certain to visit the Career Center to check on what's happening in the job market, keep your name out there for the offer you just can't refuse, or just to stay up to date on what salaries are in your profession and industry.

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There are several conferences, onsite trainings, and calls for papers. To get the details, be certain to check the Entrances Calendar and the Entrances Forum Bulletins.

Until next time, please feel free to foward this newsletter to a friend -- or ask them to sign up for their own copy. I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a question you want answered, a particular career issue you would like to see discussed, or a feature made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note to

Thanks for reading.

May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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