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Career and Executive Recruiting Advice - CERA

Hello and welcome to Career and Executive Recruiting Advice.

The focus here is the macro-view from three perspectives: the recruiter, the manager, and the candidate. Sourcing, recruiting, presenting, retaining and promoting the best candidate is what we'll be discussing. There'll be topics of quite a variety. We'll also talk about some factors that contribute to getting to management, staying in management, breaking through the glass ceiling so you can open the doors of opportunity. And this will be a macro-view from the perspective of the recruiter.

If the subject hasn't been covered, then pose a question on the discussion board. Let's talk about opening those doors.

Yvonne LaRose, CAC
The hero is merely the one who did, when others would not and did not.

The Library has more resources for the career seeker, recruiter, HR manager and business executive:

Workshops and Scheduled Chats
January 14, 10 a.m. - Sizing Up for Success
     See description and details in the Discussions channel

Place: Entrances Chat

* Please allow at least 15 minutes before start time to register if you are not already a member of the Forum.

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