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April 12, 2005 Update

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It's April and tax time. It's also time for sophomore and juniors to start thinking about internships. Oh yes. It's also the month for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  

Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
  Alternatives for Pros, Changers and Newbies April 12, 2005 Issue  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

What's Been Happening

Education and Skills Assessments

Careers and Recruiting

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

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   Greetings Dear Readers!

It's that time again. Time to file annual taxes. Time for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Time for students to start thinking about internships and graduation and what acceptance letters have come through and ... how to finance the first year of college -- which translates into find student loan funds.

If you have difficulty reading the emailed version, you can visit the site and read online by accessing the April 12, 2005 issue after April 13.

Incidentally, the link to last month's Update had a typo which prevented anyone from reaching the content. Apologies for the frustration. Please use the corrected link to reach the March 10, 2005 Update.

Yvonne LaRose
Viva Voce

  • Worth a Read
  •    Whether a job seeker, a manager, or a recruiter, there are a few books, pamphlets, and handbooks out and about that will prove useful to have on your shelf.
    • Especially important is knowing what the word on the street is about the company you're interested in working for -- or where you're working. WetFeet Insider Guides have been helping job seekers find the job they want and advance their careers since 1994.
    • COMING SOON: The U.S. Hispanic Economy 2005
      Get a sneak preveiw of latest research from HispanTelligence: The U.S. Hispanic Economy in Transition: Facts, Figures, and Trends (2005 Edition) -- a comprehensive study of the emerging Hispanic market.
    • 2004 Hispanic Business Fastest Growing 100 Directory
      Replete with contact information, revenues, growth statistics. With an importable Excel format, this is something you'll want to have.

    Internships for Dummies
    Looking to explore a job or field but don't know where to begin? Relax! Let two experts help you get inside experience-with no stress, no sweat. From savvy interviewing strategies to real-life stories from successful interns, this friendly guide paves the way to a fulfilling internship-that could even lead to a job!

    I Went to College for This? Turn Your Entry Level Job Into a Career You Love
    Even if your current job has nothing do with your major or what you in fact want to be doing, don't despair-I Went To College For This? will help you navigate the path through the obligatory dues you must pay on the road to your dream job. This book provides expert advice and tips on how to maximize the opportunities of any position.

    200 Best Jobs for College Grads

    200 Best Jobs for College Grads

    More than 50 'best jobs' lists for college graduates. A fun reference book from 200 job descriptions.

    CERA Career Center

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •    Selling Skills
    How many of you have thought of sales as a career and then shied away from it because you felt you didn't have the right temperament. When it comes to getting a job (or a career) one of the most critical skills is being able to sell -- yourself! So it would behoove you to shake the attitude that you can't sell. [Read more]

    ~~~ Recruiter Tools ~~~

    When it comes to being a recruiter, the selling formula becomes algebraic. You need to sell not only yourself and your ability to do the job, but sell your client on the best candidate you've found for them, and the candidate on the fact that you've found the right fit for them and their goals.

    You recruiters and managers will want to check the telecourse offerings of StaffingU. Scott Wintrip is renown as an expert who can open your eyes to new ways to be effective.

    ~~~ Assessments ~~~

    Do You Have the Personality?
    The next question about suitability -- as it was for my friend -- is whether you have a sales personality. Sometimes it doesn't matter. There are some jobs where it's tacitly understood that you are there to learn the fundamental skills while you're either becoming good at it or (if both you and the employer realize you're just not the right personality but worth a temporary risk) that you can build your skillset without putting the employer in the red. [Read more]

    Get FREE information on colleges near you from Top Colleges

    For more information on education and assessment options, visit the Education Center, Resource Center or Assessments.

    CERA Education Center

  • Careers and Recruiting
  •    Where the Jobs Are
    Some folks get stuck in a rut and forget to think outside the box when it comes to getting the type of work they want. Work does not have to be painted in shades of gray in order to earn the dollars you want while you forego your true interests and passions. Let's say you love the outdoors, engineering, oil & gas, minerals. Let's say your skills are in some aspect of computers. Do you really have to work indoors in the regular software manufacturing job? Probably not. Take a look at Key Energy and become enlightened to the ways you can put your skills to work in the areas that bring you to life.

    Another Way to Look at Assessment Results
    Sometimes people go to career counselors or take assessments. The prevailing thought is that they want to work with people. They want to provide a service that is meaningful. They want to be in healthcare or a caring profession. But they hate nursing. Being a doctor is simply out of the question. And providing in-home care or babysitting is just not in the cards. [Read more]

    ~~~ Employment News ~~~

    Some of you may have tried to access the jobs and projects database for eWork to no avail. The site is in a brief hiatus while undergoing some service and site enhancements. Please revisit them in the very near future to see what innovations are delivered.

    Hispanic Business

    • Unemployment for Hispanic Drops in March
      HispanTelligence reports the unemployment rate for Hispanics dropped from 6.4 percent to 5.7 percent in March, with Hispanics adding 214,000 jobs and 83,000 new Hispanics joining the U.S. labor force.
    • Hispanics Absent in Executive Offices
      Hispanics have made great strides in the fields of medicine, high technology, education, politics and entertainment. But there is a glaring absence of Hispanics in the executive offices and boardrooms of corporate America.
    • Mentorship Puts Diverse Women on Path to Success
      Diverse female candidates often miss out on opportunities in the corporate arena partly because they do not have mentors, who can play a critical role in their advancement, research shows. The good news is that this trend is changing.
    • So you're not being offered the salary or raise you think you deserve. Take heart. It probably is not personal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wages fell 0.2 percent between December 2004 and January 2005. To see the chart, go to the Real Earnings archived page.
    • On April 11, the fact that wages are falling while prices, business profits, and real CPI are increasing was brought to light again via radio news here in Southern California and in the Los Angeles Times' Wages Lagging Behind Prices. The Times says the American workforce has gotten an across the board pay cut. It attributes part of the problem to high healthcare and insurance costs.
    • Jobs that have become less male-dominated 04/08/2005 Compare major plans and benefits, apply for and buy plans from a leading place to buy student health insurance online.

    ~~~ Management ~~~

    Entrepreneur Magazine

    ~~~ Legal ~~~


    Find Law
    • Graham v. City of Philadelphia (03/25/05 - No. 03-3372)
      A public employee terminated from employment because of an arrest, and then acquitted of the charges in a criminal trial, is not entitled to a name-clearing hearing under the Due Process Clause. [PDF File]
    • Lim v. Offshore Specialty Fabricators, Inc. (03/24/05 - No. 03-30380)
      In a suit alleging violations of the minimum wage requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the district court erred when it held that the parties' employment contract, which requires resolution of employment claims through arbitration in the Philippines, violated Louisiana law. [PDF File]
    • Barnes v. City of Cincinnati (03/22/05 - No. 03-4110, 04-3320)
      In a sexual discrimination suit, a jury verdict in favor of plaintiff is affirmed where he produced sufficient evidence for a reasonable jury to find that defendant-City intentionally discriminated against him because of his failure to conform to sex stereotypes. [PDF File]
    • Hood v. Compton Cmty. College Dist. (03/24/05 - No. B169632)
      In a wrongful termination dispute, summary judgment in favor of defendant-employer is reversed where the trial court erroneously determined that defendant was not the plaintiffs' employer.
    • Cichon v. Exelon Generation Co. (03/21/05 - No. 03-3724)
      In an employment discrimination suit, summary judgment in favor of defendant-employer is affirmed where it offered legitimate, non-retaliatory reasons for its decision not to hire plaintiff. [PDF File]
    • Bloemer v. Northwest Airlines, Inc. (03/25/05 - No. 03-3968)
      The district court did not err in finding that plaintiffs' claim, alleging entitlement to shares defendant-Northwest received when the issuer of a group annuity contract demutualized, was preempted by the Railway Labor Act. [PDF File]
    ~~~ Recruiting ~~~

    Did you take advantage of the special Dice offer that was in last month's issue? If not, contact Chris Partlow right away to get your special discount job posting package. This is a first come-first served offer!

    Recruiters Network

    • Revitalize Your Recruiting for 2005: 7 Tools that will Help You Grow
      Happy New Year! The forecasts are in agreement: Hiring is on the rise. 2005 will mark the revitalization of our economy. In fact, hiring plans may rival 1999 statistics, when the economy was at its strongest.
    • Should We Do Away With Resumes?
      Resumes can place emphasis on the wrong data for screening. As such, candidate pools get reduced using inappropriate, yet conveniently available data. This makes for an easy query, but not necessarily an effective approach to finding the best candidates.
    • The Magic Bullet
      I'm preparing for upcoming training events and need your help. What can I share with you to help increase your income? Think about all the steps in the placement process. I'm listening. {Pause} Try mental telepathy. >>> Got it! The most common question I'm asked is this:
    Talent Is Back as an Issue: A Brief Report on ER Expo 2005 Spring
    I have come to regard ERE's semi-annual ER Expo conference series as a barometer of what is happening in employment - and this eighth event may have been the most telling of them all. Many of us have ridden the roller coaster of attendance and interest, and this year's record number of attendees, surge of vendors, and overall energy are all the proof we need to conclude that talent is back as a big corporate issue.

    Visit Recruiter Tools for more resources and Entrances Bulletins for more Industry News.

    Job Board Opportunities
    Click here to post your resume
    • Small Business Sales & Marketing Assistant (DG) - Quiring Associates - Zionsville, IN - Apr 09
    • Small Business Sales & Marketing Assistant (DG) - Quiring Associates - Indianapolis, IN Apr 09
    • Actuarial Analyst - General Electric - Fort Wayne, IN - Apr 08
    • Accounting Assistant - General Electric - Fort Wayne, IN - Apr 08
    • Manufacturing Engineer Intern (CO-OP) - Boston Scientific - Spencer, IN - Apr 08
    Post Your Resume
    Find the talent you need today. Post your job on
    Sports Job Internship Center. Click here to find and Intern position
    Find Sports Industry Contact Information Here.
    Employers, post your jobs to
    Post your resume for free and use - The LARGEST Job Search Portal In The World!
    Employers, post your jobs at

    There are new opportunities posted in the Bulletins. Visit the Career Opportunities folder for details. Some opportunities are descriptions with code initials [SB] after the date. Use the link in my screen name for those postings in order to get more details, send your resume to me, schedule a time for us to discuss you and your qualifications, and work out some convenient times to meet either online or by phone.

    For additional help:
    Let put your resume before 60,000+ hiring managers and recruiters registered in 70+ disciplines!
    Click here for a free resume critique from A and A Resume!

    There are new opportunities posted in the Bulletins. Visit the Career Opportunities folder for details. Some opportunities are descriptions with code initials [SB] after the date. Use the link in my screen name for those postings in order to get more details, send your resume to me, schedule a time for us to discuss you and your qualifications, and work out some convenient times to meet either online or by phone.

    Visit the Career Center or Recruiter Tools for more resources.

    Also visit Recruiter Tools for more resources and Entrances Bulletins for more Industry News.

    CERA Recruiter Tools

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •    Hispanic Business 500 Deadline Approaching
    The HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 DEADLINE APPROACHING (April 15, 2005): Complete and return the 2005 HISPANIC BUSINESS Company Profile form to be considered for the Hispanic Business 500 and two other prestigious Hispanic Business directories- the Hispanic Business Fastest-Growing 100 and Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Download the form now!!!

    Complete the Hispanic Business Company Profile form to be considered for the following exclusive directories:

    • The Hispanic Business 500 - an annual ranking of the largest Hispanic-owned companies.
    • The Hispanic Business Fastest-Growing 100
    • The Top 100 8(a) Contractor Directory and Federal Resource Guide - a definitive source of information for and about government diversity procurement and recruitment trends.
    Business Week
    It appears economic growth is becoming robust in Europe: Likewise, there are interesting thoughts coming from Wharton on a number of subjects:
    • Five Takes on Creative Leadership
      How do you lead an increasingly diverse, creative and eclectic workforce? It's a question that senior executives at this month's Wharton West Leadership Conference tried to answer based on their own leadership experiences. This section also includes coverage of a recent talk at Wharton on leadership by Don W. Blair, vice president and CFO of Nike, and an article on corporate governance -- as discussed among participants in the 2005 World Economic Forum in Davos -- by management professor Michael Useem.
    • Turnaround Artist Stephen Cooper Is Swamped: First Enron, Now Krispy Kreme, and More to Come
      Just as corporate-turnaround specialist Stephen F. Cooper was winding down his job as interim CEO of bankrupt Enron Corp., he was hired to rescue Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. Cooper, chairman of corporate restructuring firm Kroll Zolfo Cooper, LLC, is confident it won't be long before he is fielding the next corporate 911 call. The economy is rebounding and tough new corporate-governance rules are in effect, but people in his line of work can count on human nature to provide ample business. "The reforms penalize unethical behavior, but none of the new rules does anything to prevent mismanagement," ...
    • Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the World's Poorest Citizens, Makes His Case
      Last year, a panel of judges from Wharton joined with Nightly Business Report to name the 25 most influential business people of the last 25 years. On that list was Muhammad Yunus, managing director of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and a pioneer in the practice of microcredit lending. Grameen Bank received formal recognition as a private independent bank in 1983 and, as of this month, had dispersed close to $5 billion in loans to four million borrowers. Grameen's strategy is to offer miniscule loans to very poor people, giving them the means to generate income and work their way out of poverty. Yunus, featured in a book entitled, Lasting Leadership: Lessons from the 25 Most Influential Business People of Our Times, was recently interviewed by NBR's Linda O'Bryon at the World Health Congress in Washington, D.C.
    • In eBay's Success May Lie Hints of Trouble Ahead
      On Wall Street the Internet darling got panned as shares tumbled 19% in one day (January 20). Are these issues short-term growing pains or the beginning of something worse? Is eBay becoming a mature company that won't be able to keep up its heady growth? And what competitors are targeting eBay? Wharton experts say there's no need to get too worried about eBay's prospects right now. In the future, however, things may become more interesting.
    • Banks Face Added Risks in a Tough New Regulatory Arena
      For banks to manage their risks successfully, they must ensure that their key decision makers are accurately gauging the environment around them: If their assumptions about significant changes in the markets are wrong or outdated, they are liable to make bad decisions.
    As last month's newsletter was about to go out, information about a new service from The Wall Street Journal Online reached The Desk. News Alert newsfeeds are now available. To download your own feed, go to News Alerts. Of course, if you don't already have your own subscription to the print or online version of the news, you can click on the Journal's name link to get started.

    Hispanic Business

    • The Case of a Lifetime
      A victory for affirmative action puts attorney Brigida Benitez in the winner's circle.
    • Secrets of Success
      This year's Hispanic Business directory of the most influential Hispanic women highlights increasingly powerful advancements in various realms
    • Not the Right Time for Snap Tax Decisions
      With the tax deadline looming, many small business owners are still trying to find ways to ease their tax burden. But this is no time for making rash decisions. Follow these tips instead.

    For more business and economy news, visit the Periodicals to get the latest news or do research for related information. Also check the Entrances Bulletins for more Industry News and information about trends.

    For more business and economy news, visit the Periodicals to get the latest news or do research for related information.

    ~~~ Business & Career Security ~~~


    • Open-source security tools touted at InfoSec
      Free open-source security tools can help cash-strapped SMBs beef up their defenses, says a security consultant with Sph3r3 LLC.
    • Mozilla readies Firefox security update
      The Mozilla Organization is nearly set to release a maintenance update that will patch recently discovered Java Script vulnerabilities in its Mozilla and Firefox open-source Web browsers.
    • Bringing security to instant messaging
      Although the use of instant messaging in the enterprise is up, many companies fail to factor it into their overall security strategy. But, "It's just a matter of time before we see hackers, virus writers and spammers aggressively target IM," says Matt Cain, a Meta Group analyst, in this article. The solution is relatively "straightforward," the article notes, as a number of tools are available that require simply adding an extra layer of anti-spam and anti-virus protection to the IM programs.
    Check the Virus Alerts Center to see what's out there and find the best protection for your needs.


    CERA Virus Alerts Center

  • Until Next Time
  •    I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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