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March 10, 2005 Update

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News for career seekers, advancers, managers, recruiters -- and some interesting new perspectives about the job landscape.

Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
  Alternatives for Pros, Changers and Newbies March 10, 2005 Issue  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

What's Been Happening

Education and Skills Assessments

Careers and Recruiting

Business and Economic Outlook

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Some Dates Worth Noting

For more details, either use the hyperlink or visit the Calendar


For additional training and education dates, see:
Lorman Education Services

Fred Pryor Seminars
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  • Management Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Women's Seminar
American Management Association Onsite Learning Seminars Online Learning Seminars


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   Greetings Dear Readers!

Yes! It's an honest to goodness, full-blown newsletter again. Full of dates and reads and news and tips and tidbits.

Career Coach Corner is re-emerging. Things are being moved about but links should get you to where you want to go. If it's too frustrating, the best thing to do -- after throwing your hands in the air and screaming -- is to email me about your difficulties, and mayyyybe a couple of tactful recommendations about how things could be better.

If you have difficulty reading the emailed version, you can visit the site and read online by accessing the March 10, 2005 issue after March 14.

Yvonne LaRose
Viva Voce

  • Worth a Read
  •    Whether a job seeker, a manager, or a recruiter, there are a few books, pamphlets, and handbooks out and about that will prove useful to have on your shelf.
    • Family and Medical Leave Handbook from Tompson Publishing Group. This comprehensive publication will help you protect your employees, avoid costly mistakes, save money, spot fraud, stay up to date. Thompson offers a 30-day free trial period, a money-back guarantee, and $50 off the order price if you subscribe to the service.
    • TopHealth - The health care cost containment newsletter for employees from Oakstone Wellness Publishing. The double-sided single sheet newsletters take about five minutes to read and are filled with interesting and useful information. "What type of information?" you're asking. Things about anger management, stress control, sleep, walking, heart care, food, brain power and breast cancer. I've decided to keep my three samples. Your company can order them in convenient, reasonably-priced packages. For more information, contact Oakstone Wellness Publishing, 800-871-9525 (phone) or 205-437-3084 (fax).
    • The Milken Institute is nearly ready to publish the results of its study and recommendations for creating and retaining jobs in the Los Angeles region. Certain to have geo-translatable and transferrable (in addition to reliable) information, get more information about getting your copy by going to the website or contacting the Institute (310-570-4600, phone; 310-570-4601, fax).

      Another publication that will be of similar interest is the Best Performing Cities: Where America's Jobs Are Created and Sustained, November 2004.

      The January edition of the quarter Milken Institute Review is also available.

    • This month, I've been working on career seekers articles that discuss wardrobe and color. In particular, interviewing colors. It finally occurred to me that much of the content was past knowledge but about 30-40% was opinion. In the ensuing research, it was surprising to see how many titles there are on wardrobe, especially business wardrobe for men.

      Land's End - Women
      According to this information-packed, short (141 pages) and quick read, "When crucial business is being conducted, men reach for their most conservative suits.... they know that, all over the world, the dark suit is a symbol of power and professionalism.... Same goes for women."

      Not only does the book take you through the ways to put together and maintain the traditional business look but also discusses the correct business casual, casual elegant, and casual looks. It talks about the advantages and disadvantages of each, how to pack for travel and convert/combine pieces for a low-cost, easy to maintain wardrobe that travels well--and still says professional.
      - Lands' End Business Attire for Women: Mastering the New ABCs of What to Wear to Work
      Lands' End Business Attire for Women: Mastering the New ABCs of What to Wear to Work

      - from
      a companion piece: Lands' End Business Attire for Men : Mastering the New ABCs of What to Wear to Work at
      - eBooks alternative:

      Managing the Risk of Workplace Stress

      Managing the Risk of Workplace Stress

      This book takes a risk management approach to stress evaluation in the workplace, offering practical guidelines for the audit, assessment and mitigation of workplace stressors and providing a comprehensive source of theoretical and practical

    • A Year of Style by Frederic Fekkai
      Year of Style
      Year of Style

      The de-stress and infuse yourself with confidence book. Works from the top of the head to the bottoms of your feet. Food, entertainment, social protocol. Very little to do with business, per se. But very worthwhile for sprucing yourself up from inside out, a little at a time, on a monthly basis. The key is maintaining the practices learned and incorporated from the prior month(s) as you develop the new. But that's true with any learning and its resulting success. Months emphasize (in order): simplify, energize, clarify, maintain, sensuality, romance, summer chic, relax, renew, mingle, de-stress, and celebrate.
      - from
      - an eBooks option:

      Intercultural Management

      Intercultural Management

      Intercultural management is an emerging but increasingly crucial area of study. Essentially, intercultural management concerns itself with work forces that function in different cultural contexts. These differences can be either 'external', where an organization operates across national and ethnic cultures, or 'internal', where an organization operates across company differences, branches or regions. In this thorough and accessible guide, Nina Jacob details the fundamental concepts and ideas using the latest research and international case studies.

    • Cracking the Corporate Code: From Survival to Mastery by Price M. Cobbs, Judith Turnock
      The review of this 2001 perennial topic is feature on ArriveNet; the review and information is from Executive Leadership Council and Foundation. What you'll begin to see as you go through the telling of the tale is that survival for one protected group tends to be essentially identical for all others.

      - Cracking the Corporate Code: From Survival to Mastery
      Cracking the Corporate Code: From Survival to Mastery

      - from
      a companion piece: Cracking the Value Code: How Successful Businesses Are Creating Wealth in the New Economy
      Cracking the Value Code: How Successful Businesses Are Creating Wealth in the New Economy

      - from

      The Diversity Training Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Changing Attitudes

      The Diversity Training Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Changing Attitudes

      In recent years, particularly in the aftermath of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry and the revised Race Relations Act, all organizations have had to become more aware of diversity issues and the need to understand and, if necessary, change underlying attitudes. This timely new book provides a practical and sensible approach to dealing with this sensitive but vital issue. Providing clear guidelines, the book provides advice for dealing with a wide variety of issues.

    • The New Professional Image by Susan Bixler
      Don't let the name of the author fool you. It's about business casual to power dressing and a full-blown primer on personal appearance and care -- for men! This 256-page book (hard copy version) is worth finding and putting on your shelf for constant reference.

      The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation
      The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation

      - from

    The Library - Periodicals

  • What's Been Happening

    • Also check the Career Center. The Job Boards page is in the process of being re-produced. More importantly to both sides of the employment desk, the Resume Services page is now available. Whether you want professional help with rafting a stellar resume, identifying pros for assisting you with your admissions essay, targeting and sending your resume or getting the right resumes delivered to your Inbox, you'll find a good selection of services.
    • The Periodicals section of the Library now has additional resources for researching companies' stock performance (an important matter in determining the potential client or employer) stability, as well as additional research materials to aid in essays or term papers -- or for getting more information on your subject.

    CERA Career Center

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •    How do you go about determining what your dream job may be or even what you're suited for? The Occupational Outlook Quarterly has a few answers and one is crucial -- education. Read what they have to say about Matching yourself with the world of work: 2004.

    It's one thing to find out what's right for you. It's another to get the right pay for doing it. Those in the finance and accounting world will be interested in the recent SmartPros survey that shows certification and larger salary increases have a direct correlation. Those of you not in the finance and accounting industry find it interesting that the Occupational Outlook Quarterly talks about "More education: Lower unemployment, higher pay."

    Step up to the Plate
    How qualified are you to do your job? Are you performing at or above your expected skill and knowledge level? It's easy to check by taking an assessment at Brainbench. Another thing you can do is evaluate your job expectations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Employment Outlook.

    Should you discover you need some brush-up, check out the courses offered by the resources listed in the Education Center. Yet another way to find out how much you should know for your job is to periodically read government employment supplemental information application forms. Yet another useful strategy is to use the Brainbench Learning Resources to help you get the basic knowledge you need to get the job -- or at least get your skills certified.

    To learn more about the certifications available through Brainbench and use career evaluation tools such as Analyze My Career or Bridges Career Advantage, visit the Assessments aisle of the Library.

    Staying up to Date
    Another thing to do is subscribe to an industry publication or so. If that's not quite in the budget right now, check out the online version of the publications you feel are most informative. Make certain you do a little magazine roving in order to keep your perspectives open and evolving. And then you can also visit the Periodicals section of the Library on a weekly basis so you can find out the latest.

    One thing to keep in mind as you research which career and level of education is right for you is to also research the job market for that profession will be in both the near and distant future. Yet another tool to help you is the Occupational Outlook Handbook's "Tomorrow's Jobs." The Reprints page has not only the projections available for your perusal but many other well-researched forms of information.

    Visit Thomson Education Direct, the world's leader in distance training. offers at-home, online learning for busy adults. But the question is whether online learning is right for you. Now you can find out by using eLearners Advisor-Online Learning Assessment Tool. Its goal is to assist the potential online learner assess whether e-learning is the right mode for them.

    Incidentally, if you've used KnowledgeNet in the past and are having difficulty finding it, the reason is that not only its URL but name have changed. is now part of the Thomson family of learning sites and is now known as Thomson NETg.

    News from eLearners Journal 167 for 2/24/05:

    • Investment Firm Sees Profit In Disabled Students Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, FL - 2/22/2005
    • Taking E-learning on the Road: Keys to Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers
      "Your company has an e-learning package that is immensely popular at home. Feedback and measured results indicate that employees are engaged, informed and motivated when companies use your approach. But when you take your package abroad - either at the request of a global corporation that wants to reach non-English-speaking employees in other countries, or as part of an aggressive marketing plan to reach new customers overseas - you suddenly see your ratings and effectiveness plummet. What went wrong? If your first thought is 'poor translation,' you may be right - but in a far more complex way than that two-word phrase usually encompasses." - Learning & Training Innovations - 2/09/2005
    • The Power of Leadership Coaching - Chief Learning Officer Magazine - 2/01/2005
    A few words from JEDlet Journal Vol. 4, Issue 2:
    • E-challenges and Expectations in China
      Many are scrambling to sell online learning to China. And, with a billion plus population suddenly hungry for every kind of training, it seems like a golden opportunity. But those not looking before leaping into these untested waters might flounder. Westerners have many misconceptions about doing business in this part of the world.
    Council on Education in Management advises:
    • California's AB1825 requires all companies with an aggregate of at least 50 employees both within and outside of California must provide sexual harassment training for their managers. In addition to Council, some companies that provide such training include:

    Oh, yes. Also remember to periodically browse the Industry News for trends.

    Online Learning Events

    • ANALYST WEBINAR: Secure Access Through Policy-driven Identity Management
      March 3, 2005 @ 12:30 p.m. Eastern/9:30 a.m. Pacific
      Duration: 45 minutes - available in on-demand format
      Attend this Webinar to learn how to achieve the three key milestones required to establish compliance with identity and user access policies. The milestones are:
      • Establish a standardized set of tools and processes for identity administration and monitoring
      • Implement a policy-based automation and self-service password management program, and
      • Measure access policies for regulatory compliance.
    • What You Need to Know about Remote Access and HIPAA Compliance
      March 8, 2005 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific
      Duration: 30 minutes - on-demand format
      Are you a healthcare industry professional responsible for complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards regulating patient information or ensuring that your company does so? Then you need to know about managed remote-access solutions that can help your company meet HIPAA compliance guidelines while improving patient care, speed of service and reducing IT costs. During this interactive eSeminar, we'll share with you how the international authority on public health has provided its faculty and staff with secure, easy-to-use remote access.
    • Building Loyalty, Building Market Share: How Market Leaders Are Managing Service Levels in Today's Online Banking Industry
      March 16, 2005 @ 12 p.m. Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific
      Duration: 45 minutes - on-demand format available
      During this live, interactive eSeminar you will learn about the service level management techniques used by leading banks to capitalize on their online presence. Sponsoring this event is Keynote Systems, an independent, trusted, third-party in e-Business service level management.
    For more information, visit the Education Center, Resource Center or Assessments.

    CERA Education Center

  • Careers and Recruiting
  •    Since 1998, has published Newsletter for free. The Newsletter is subscribed to by well over 120,000 job seekers, career counselors, and employers. recently announced that it is planning to re-launch the Newsletter in the near future and that the new version would have improved, both in terms of its readability and deliverability. Content from all past issues, including its "Ask the Experts" questions and answers, and employment-related articles are available just by running a keyword search. Check the Entrances Bulletins for more news.

    But if you still can't find the answer you're seeking and your copy of The Last Job Search Guide isn't helping either, just post your question to "Ask Yvonne." Just as with the "Ask Me" links, you can leave the question public or click on my screen name to pose a private question. In the alternative, you can request a private consultation in order to work on your unique situation.

    Where the Jobs Are
    As time's been passing, I've been sleuthing about trying to find out who's hiring and what industries are heating up. About this time last year, (insider) word on the street was that aerospace and defense jobs are on the increase. Those of you looking for nontraditional or new careers will want to consider the potential for plant positions where parts are being built, welded, prepared for shipping. This is an industry that is highly government contracted and what that means is that equal opportunity hiring -- women, minorities, older workers -- have a higher likelihood of getting in.

    Another nontraditional industry for women is in the car rental business. This is not a cake walk type of situation. The word is the industry is very competitive. (You need an assertive if not aggressive personality -- tempered with your feminine charm (ahem -- persuasion, not coercion) -- in order to succeed.)

    For those of you looking for a job with few marketable skills (or so you think), looking to make a change, looking for a quick entry-level job, here are some suggestions in other nontraditional and seldom thought-of areas:

    • Locksmithing
    • Home theatre installation technician
    • Flooring installer (carpeting, tile, linoleum, wood, outdoor tile)
    As far as job boards that specialize in entry-level jobs, You've no training in some of these non-traditional areas and no time to attend onsite classes? No problem. Go to the Education Center and then check Thomson Education Direct for the course title. You'd be surprised at the number of courses they have for non-traditional, vocational, and alternative careers. Find out more about your chosen industry with Vault Research Reports.

    A Little More Nontraditional
    Has anyone considered a career in animal handling, training or grooming?What about pet sitting as part-time work? Do you know any gardners? Maybe that's your first step into landscape architecture. Remember all that outside work done on "Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition?" Someone has a specialty in it and they do admirable work.

    During the last week of this month, I was sent an interview question regarding advice for those entering or making a transition into IT. My advice was:

    I can speak in generalities with regard to the career changer and entry-level person going into IT. I've also made efforts to keep up with the pulse of the industry and be sensitive to the demands, if not the technological inroads and intricacies.

    IT was one of the first industries hit by our New Millennium Depression. Thus, the jobs were cut in that area first. That meant companies worked with skeleton crews of people who were paid a lot but not commensurate with the amount of hours they put in; people who needed to respond quickly and accurately to emergencies; people who do not have communication and people skills in positions where those skills are crucial in order to get the right information so that they can set in motion the right cures or give the right information so that everyone is cooperating on the same project.

    Today's newbies need to know that the dynamics have not changed a great deal. It is paramount that they know how to communicate.

    They should expect to work long hours for about the same wages (or less) as were paid in 1998 because companies are still using skeleton crews and trying keep the lid on costs and the annual statement.

    Our new IT population should stay aware of what the demands are on enterprises so that they can develop specialty areas that will make them indispensable. Some areas that are in demand at an increasing rate are knowledge, creativity, and skill in data storage alternatives (things that conserve on space), security, cost-effective use of VoIP and security associated with it, network information sharing techniques, data recovery. Not all of these new specialties are related. Pick one or two that mesh with one's interests and talents and do whatever is possible to get opportunities to develop them.

    Remember to learn from the in-house pros and veterans.

    Well, the deadline for getting the response back to the reporter came and went and all of the responses that were sent were boomeranging back to me. On February 28, ComputerWorld Career Watch reported "more bad news on IT salaries." Interesting what Jamie Eckle had to say in the "Ask an IT Leader" column for that date.

    Alternative Transition
    For the transition- and entry-focused, there is also the option of using a temporary staffing service for your interim employment/income purposes. Among those venues are agencies that are amenable to working with persons who have felony convictions in their backgrounds. Those agencies are:

    • Labor Ready - industrial, commercial
    • Volt - industrial and clerical
    • Employment Development Department [aka, unemployment Office] - all positions
    • Apple One - clerical, administrative, retail, food
    • Office eam dba Robert Half - IT, administrative, accounting
    • Preferred Personnel - clerical, warehouse
    • Helpmates Staffing - clerical, industrial
    • Kimco Staffing Solutions - clerical, industrial
    • Staff Mark - warehouse
    • Cameo Employment Services - all positions
    • Express Personnel - warehouse, general clerical
    • Home Boy Industries - light industrial, manufacturing, all positions
    • Stratus Service - warehouse
    • Nova Staff - warehouse, clerical
    Should your agency be included in this list? or a qualifying note made about your specialty? email me with the information and I'll post it.

    Where Else to Look
    There are some jobs that are sitting right under your nose or are as obvious as the writing on the wall. Go to the website of any level of government and find their Careers link. Then look at the complete list of career opportunities. You'll fall off your chair when you see how many ways one's talents can be used. Your mind will be opened to a lot more places where applications can be made and where contacts can be re-opened.

    Up to Date - IT and Accounting
    Computer Pros who want to stay in the industry, stay in tune with the resources available on the site's Job Boards listings. Also remember to pay particular attention to the Bulletins "Industry News" for trends in the IT world as well as the "Classes & Trainings" folders.

    Speaking of IT, ComputerWorld is calling for nominations for Best Places to Work in IT 2005. Nominate a company today! or view the last year's Best Places list.

    SmartPros has just released their latest Salary Survey for 2005. It appears Certifications are valuable for creating an opportunity for increased starting salary. To compare, visit the Career Center or Salary Surveys pages.

    Why Do You Like Your Job?
    Over the past two or so years, I've been asking folks why they like working for their employer. The range of responses have come from fast food workers, people on the street, office workers, and others. Stay tuned a new article that reveals what some people said. This should be of real interest to not only job seekers as far as where the better places are to work, but also to employers so that they'll have an idea of what works in regard to things that have meaning and cause good employee retention.

    What to Wear
    The latest Lands' End Business Outfitters catalogue arrived a few weeks ago. It was intriguing. Stylish, sensible shoes, good looking polo shirts, women's sweater sets that made you want to order, great looking totes and bags. I'm hunting around for the regular catalogue. While I'm looking, use this link to check things out for yourself.

    Speaking of clothes, I've been getting a lot of on-the-spot questions about what to wear to an interview and just generally what to wear to work. There've been so many questions that it seems appropriate to write an article or so on the subject. Watch in the next few weeks for some counsel.

    Incidentally, as you prepare to go on your interviews or presentations, consider what you're using to carry your presentation materials. If you're still using an oversized Baggie or your uncle's vintage PeeChee folder, it's time to make some changes. Check out the up-to-date, sophistication available at Luggage Online. Check out the Best Sellers to save.

    Job Board Opportunities

    Recruiters: The Best Talent is on Monster. Post your jobs there now.
    In keeping with some of the things we've been discussing in this newsletter, search for ...

    Get proactive; get your name out there with CareerBuilder's INSTANT Resume Distribution

    Recruiters: Post Jobs to Top Candidates Online publishes the largest collection of online job listings and information for professionals seeking employment with incomes from $100K to $500K. The company's tools, content and community help empower individuals to find the jobs most important to them and to direct their resumes to prospective employers. network of web-based products includes,,, and The Company was founded by former Senior Executives from to service the needs of overachievers everywhere.

    Sign up for the weekly job newsletter today and search over 16,000 job listings per month!
    (Week of January 31st, 2005 - You must be signed in to apply to jobs)

    • Senior Water Resources Engineer Engineering Services Englewood, CO
    • Production Manager - Fab 9 Semiconductors Pocatello, ID
    • Packaging and Assembly Engineering Manager Semiconductors Pocatello, ID
    • Sr. Scientist Semiconductors Butte, MT
    • Regional Service Director Financial Services/ Insurance Golden, CO
    Recruit for the talent you want. Use this link to post jobs now!

    Some of you may be interested in the sciences. Take heart! There's a new job board resource for you. A new contact called JobSpot has a great article link on their site to EarthWorks-Jobs which relates to jobs In Oil, Energy, Geoscience, Geosciences, Geology, Mining, Geography, Environmental Science, Environmental ... Take a look at both resources!

    There are new opportunities posted in the Bulletins. Visit the Career Opportunities folder for details. Some opportunities are descriptions with code initials [SB] after the date. Use the link in my screen name for those postings in order to get more details, send your resume to me, schedule a time for us to discuss you and your qualifications, and work out some convenient times to meet either online or by phone.

    Visit the Career Center or Recruiter Tools for more resources.

    ~~~ Employment News ~~~

    As it becomes increasingly important to stay in touch globally while simultaneously reducing costs, and with the growth of VoIP, it just makes sense to consider ways to make low-cost calls anywhere in the world! You don't have to lose an arm and a leg to do telephone interviews. Check out Net2Phone as one means of doing so.

    • So you're not being offered the salary or raise you think you deserve. Take heart. It probably is not personal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wages fell 0.2 percent between December 2004 and January 2005. To see the chart, go to the Real Earnings archived page.
    • Put the Crisis Junkie in Rehab
      Some employees are addicted to the high of coping with emergencies, which leads them to neglect crucial day-to-day tasks.
    • Know the One You Refer
      The referral bonus may be enticing, but you should consider a few things before passing along that résumé to human resources.
    ~~ Management ~~ ~~~ Legal ~~~
      A claim of same-gender sexual harassment must be supported with proof that the harasser was motivated by "sexual desire," the 10th Circuit has ruled for the first time. Some evidence supported the defendant's argument that the plaintiff was harassed because her co-workers did not like her, but there was still sufficient evidence to justify a jury's finding that the harassers' conduct was motivated by sexual desire, the three-judge panel said.
      Learn More About Sexual Harassment:
      - For Employees
      - For Employers
      Flight attendant Ellen Simonetti and former Google employee Mark Jen have more in common than their love of blogging: They both got fired over it. Though many companies have Internet guidelines that prohibit visiting porn sites or forwarding racist jokes, few of the policies directly cover blogs, or Web journals, particularly those written outside of work hours.
      - See A Sample Electronic Media Policy
    • GUZMAN-ROSARIO v. UNITED PARCEL SERV. INC. (03/04/05 - No. 04-1046)
      In a wrongful termination suit, summary judgment in favor of defendant-employer is affirmed where plaintiff's alleged disability did not "substantially" limit a major life activity under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • J.W. PETERS, INC. v. LOCAL UNION 1 (03/01/05 - No. 04-2797)
      Plaintiff's unilateral repudiation of a pre-hire agreement was lawful under the "one-man unit" rule, and such repudiation of the contract relieved it of its contractual obligation to arbitrate before the Joint Arbitration Board. [PDF File]
    • TORRY v. NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. (03/04/05 - No. 03-4149)
      In an employment discrimination suit alleging age discrimination, the parties litigated the issue by implied consent. However, summary judgment in favor of defendant-employer is affirmed where plaintiff's claims of discrimination have no merit. [PDF File]
    • OBREY v. JOHNSON (03/04/05 - No. 03-16849)
      When reviewing the effect of erroneous evidentiary rulings in civil trials, the presumption of prejudice can be rebutted by a showing that it is more probable than not that the jury would have reached the same verdict even if the evidence had been admitted. [PDF File]
    • LEONEL v. AM. AIRLINES, INC. (03/04/05 - No. 03-15890, 03-15893, 03-15897)
      Dismissal of plaintiffs' claims, alleging defendant unlawfully rescinded their job offers for their failure to disclose that they were HIV-positive, is reversed where plaintiffs have raised material issues of fact as to whether defendant violated the ADA and California's Fair Employment and Housing Act. [PDF File]
    ~~ Recruiting ~~
    • Executive Recruiting Entrances, Career and Executive Recruiting Advice, and Recruit and Retain are often extended special offers. In the month of March, Dice has extended a Dice Dollars offer for responding to their recent survey. I have permission to give those Dice Dollars to the first of my readers to contact Chris Partlow of These Dice Dollars are useable on a job posting, job posting package, or resume bank search passport. You can contact Chris by calling him at 515-313-2088 (or 877-386-3323 ext 2088) or sending him an email to and telling him you were referred via Yvonne LaRose and this newsletter.
    • Changing the Value of Human Resources
      In order for Human Resources to be valued by the organization and its employees, the professionals in that function should focus less on what "Human Resources does" and more on what "Human Resources delivers."
    • CEO Boot Camp: Korn/Ferry Others Join for Event with Aim to Slash the 40% New Exec Failure Rate
    • How to use online communities to recruit candidates faster
    Visit Recruiter Tools for more resources and Entrances Bulletins for more Industry News.

    CERA Recruiter Tools

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •    Tax Season
    Since January 31 has come and gone, no doubt all of us have received all of our W2s for last year's employment wages. It's time to start pulling your data together so that you can get your return filed in a timely fashion. Need help with getting forms of filing assistance? Need business advice? H&R Block Complete Home & Business is still available to serve your needs. They've added a few new services that are worth your attention.

    Kiplinger's Home and Business Attorney is one. Yet another premium product is TaxCut Premium.

    • Wall Street Journal, NY Times Editors to Keynote Business Ethics SUMMIT
      Business Ethics magazine announced today that it will host the first annual Business Ethics Summit on Thursday, April 21, 2005 at the New York Helmsley Hotel in New York City. The one-day summit, "Corporate Scandals, Corporate Responsibility and the Media: Who Should We Believe?" will focus on media coverage of business ethics and corporate social responsibility issues, and how corporate communications professionals and policy advocates interact with the media.
    • Baxter And Its Foundation Contribute More Than $14 Million In 2004 To Communities In Need
      Baxter International Inc. and The Baxter International Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Baxter, today announced their combined 2004 charitable giving, focused on increasing access to healthcare, helping underdeveloped nations and countries in crisis, and addressing other critical community needs. In 2004, the company and the foundation combined gave more than $14 million.
    • Filling the Gap
      For reasons of education, training and demographics, corporations are increasingly finding hard-to-fill gaps in their workforces. The gap between the supply of skilled workers and the demand for them is caused by a combination of factors: an aging workforce, a decrease in the number of new entrants into the labor pool and a slowdown in the number of college graduates.
    • Can an employer terminate an employee because s/he declined working overtime hours a few times due to childcare issues? What if the employee is a security guard? You'll find the answer from Proskauer Rose quite interesting.
    • Can you give us the data for 2004? Are there significant differences in call topics (the subjects employees call in for help for) from year to year?
    • The CEO's Path to the Top
      When Edward D. Breen was named chairman and CEO of scandal-plagued Tyco International in July 2002, one national magazine reasoned that he had taken on a job that would make "lesser CEOs quake in their wingtips." But Breen's footsteps to the top were not just steady; they also tracked a new pathway to the executive suite, one no longer dictated by the older, company-trained, academic-elite candidates.
    • ShrinkRap: Communicating Effectively Under Stress
      Given enough pressure, even the most articulate attorney can wind up screaming at a paralegal or escalating a conflict with a client. In the March edition of ShrinkRap, Dr. Joni L. Johnston will look at what happens to our communication when stress enters the law office, how and why it does, and how we can prevent it from disrupting our work relationships.
    • Firms Need a More Feminine Lawyering Style, The National Law Journal
      Harvard University president Lawrence Summers recently sparked debate when he raised the issue of whether biological differences could partly account for the under-representation of women in top academic positions in the sciences. Columnist Natasha Kohne says Summers' inquiry reminds her that women were once viewed as unfit to practice law due to their perceived fragility. But since then, she says, the fairer sex has not only succeeded in the legal profession but has changed the practice for the better.
    • Cruise Ships Resist Docking With ADA, The National Law Journal
      For over a decade, the multibillion-dollar North American cruise industry has taken the position that the ADA does not apply to foreign-flagged ships. Today, a group of disabled cruise passengers will test that position in the U.S. Supreme Court. For Norwegian Cruise Line, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others, their opponents' "breathtakingly broad" argument carries consequences for companies that subject their business to foreign regulation, and it threatens to undermine international treaties.
    • Where Governance Starts and Ends: Did Carly Fiorina run afoul of key principles in H-P's governing model?
      There is still puzzlement in the business community about the circumstances and rationale driving Carly Fiorina's ouster as CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co. In trying to make sense of it myself, I went back into the Directors & Boards archive. Answers to almost any governance conundrum can usually be found in our valuable archive, now closing in on 30 years of published writings -- likely making it the most comprehensive and premier reference source in the field.
    • The Changing Board
      Five revealing "before and after" snapshots: What the boards of AT&T, Citicorp, Coca-Cola, Exxon, and Sears Roebuck looked like in 1976 and what they looked like 20 years later. Where did all the insiders go?

    • Japan: Confidence in Economy Leads to Increased Demand, Higher Wages
      PacificBridge News brief: growing confidence in Japan's economy has led companies to forgo cost-cutting in favor of spending more to match their exact needs.
    • Boeing Ousts Top Executive Because of Relationship
      The board of directors at Boeing Co. announced Monday that it had forced out President and CEO Harry Stonecipher because of a relationship he had with a female executive at the company.
    • Senate Rejects Minimum Wage Increase
      The Senate voted on Monday to reject competing proposals for raising the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour. Both measures--one from Democrats, the other from Republicans--had been offered as amendments to pending bankruptcy legislation.
    • Tech Workers Eye OT Pay
      As stock options and bonuses become smaller and less prevalent in Silicon Valley because of new accounting rules and economic reasons, some workers at technology companies have begun to seek overtime pay.
    • Going-Bangalore!
      Bangalore is the boomtown of India, helping to fuel the rapid economic development of the region. The 'garden city' is host to eight industrial belts and thousands of industries.
    • Bob Iger: Disney's next boss?
      A new king for the Magic Kingdom
    • Are business schools bad for business?
      Business schools stand accused of being responsible for much that is wrong with corporate management
    • Management education
      Is the MBA responsible for moral turpitude at the top?
    • Citigroup Starts Ethics Training for Employees
      All of Citigroup's 260,000 employees are to receive ethics training every year as part of a plan to avoid further repeats of the regulatory scandals that continue to dog the world's biggest financial firm.
    • Loss of Customers May Mean Profits
      Conventional wisdom says that a loss of customers means a loss of revenue, but some analysts believe the reverse could turn out to be true for telecom equipment makers if the rapid consolidation of phone companies spurs demand for newer gear.
    • Warm Welcome for HealthSouth Ousted Exec
      The members of Guiding Light Church welcome Richard M. Scrushy, the ousted founder of the HealthSouth Corporation, with open arms each week to services. But Mr. Scrushy's new emphasis on his ties to Birmingham's large black population and his churchgoing ways have many people in this city asking, is it all part of his defense strategy?
    • Former HealthSouth Exec Nonplussed
      Highlighting potentially damaging evidence against Richard M. Scrushy, the fired chief executive of the HealthSouth Corporation, a former company officer said Mr. Scrushy was not shocked when he heard a reference to "phony financial statements" in a secretly recorded conversation.
    • Hiring's January Blahs Will Pass
      Bad weather and vestiges of the oil price spike helped cause a weak start to what will likely be a solid year in job growth
    • Carlyle Group's Asian Invasion
      So far, the private equity partnership is reaping mighty sweet returns
    • Iraq's Giant Step. Smaller Steps Elsewhere
      Outsiders may think of the Middle East as a bleak disaster zone, but on the ground there are signs of a shift, particularly on the economic front
    • Will Rewiring Nokia Spark Growth?
      CEO Ollila's plan for the phone giant: Go after both economies of scale and innovation
    • The Reeducation Of Oxford
      Can John Hood, the university's new head, put its finances on a sound footing?

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