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CERA - career and recruiting success

Some materials in furtherance of your focus on the many aspects of effective management and leadership.

Portable MBA: Strategy

The ultimate goal for all managers is to enable their organization to thrive in the marketplace -- to produce offerings that customers value highly and to outperform the competition according to key metrics. This book arms you with the critical knowledge you need to make the choices that will attract and retain the most valuable customers, to experiment and adapt rapidly in continuously changing markets, and to position your organization advantageously for the future.


  • Essential instruction on how to translate bold strategy into action.
  • Comprehensive examination of integrating seemingly opposite strategies.
  • Discussion of internal and external analysis.
  • Detailed information on how to tackle new opportunities and risks.
  • Important look into scenario planning.
  • Powerful commentary on how to develop the foresight and insight necessary for short- and long-term wealth creation.

Portable MBA: Finance & Accounting

Getting a formal MBA degree may take more time and money than you can sacrifice at this demanding juncture in your career. For busy executives who need to either acquaint themselves with or brush up on finance and accounting essentials, this book is the must-have tool for you!


  • Essential instruction on how to analyze business profitability.
  • Comprehensive examination of break-even analyses.
  • Discussion of taking a company public.
  • Detailed information on how to manage foreign currency exposure.
  • Important look into building a successful e-business.
  • Powerful commentary on how to prepare a budget.

Portable MBA: Marketing

Increased focus on the bottom line, competitive strategies, and financial goals divert attention from the primary source of every company's good fortune -- the customer. This book is dedicated to the principle that the only guarantee for continued success is a consistent focus on and attention to customer needs, preferences, and expectations.


  • Essential instruction on how to develop new negotiation skills for salespeople.
  • Comprehensive examination of current marketing strategies.
  • Discussion of innovative approaches to qualitative research.
  • Detailed information on hot topics such as cohort marketing, person-to-person marketing, and marketing on the Internet.
  • Important look into cutting-edge marketing concepts and techniques.
  • Powerful commentary on the key issues facing companies today.

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