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Determining whether there's a fit is critical to making the right choice. To assist in making a more accurate evaluation, here are some tools for the college student, career seeker/changer, and the interviewer.

Employer-Administered Assessments

HR Assessments
The prudent move for Human Resource professionals who are screening potential candidates for opportunities within the firm is to assess their skills and abilities. This cost-saving strategy will also save frustration for not only HR but the manager looking for the right person and the candidate trying to find their niche. G. Neil has developed a battery of online assessments -- from Applicant Risk Profiler and Workplace Personality Profile to abilities in several critical support positions -- that can be administered and managed from the convenience of your computer.

SkillsBench Enterprise Solutions
With Brainbench Business Solutions, you can develop your own in-house assessments to assist your monitoring and evaluation of staff who are ready for advancement or determine who could use additional training, and in what areas. The Business Solutions can also be developed to create your own candidate assessments to assure yourself that you have the candidates with the right skill sets for the opportunity.

In 1999, the idea of assessing not only the skill sets but personality and knowledge a candidate was novel. Yet Fitability endeavored to do just that in order to help employers and recruiters determine whether there will be a good fit among the company, the opportunity, and the candidate. Assessments are based on a series of CAT questions in four different measuring areas. Subscriptions fees are reasonable. Also available to candidates who want to determine their fit.

Candidate-Oriented Assessments 

Career planning and evaluation tools for individuals and college career center professionals.

Career Advantage
For middle school students who want to take charge of their career planning and development.

Bridges and Career Advantage are part of the same organization. Each offers a seven-step online course that helps you assess your skills and interests and create a career plan. There is also a library of career profiles and details in the field interviews -- field interviews geared toward connecting you to real careers and interviews with people in the industry. Make plans and informed decisions that are right for you.

Career Interest Inventories

Carnegie Mellon's Graduate School of Industrial Administration - A battery of tests that have preferatory questions useful for beginning the job search. Two of the more useful for the job search assessment are:

Find My Future Interest-Finder Quiz - Useful for students, career changers, and those returning to the workforce.

Personality Assessments

CareerLab has two useful personality assessments:

Kiersey Temperament Sorter II - One of the older standbys for identifying your personality.

Skills Certifications

Measure your skills. Some tests are free, some are fee-based. ISO 9001 certified exams mean you receive reliable evaluation of your skill in any of over 400 areas, reliable evaluation that can then be presented to a potential employer as proof of your abilities. Some certifications are: