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Some general and industry-specific salary surveys and tools to aid in the next decision.

  • Abbott and Langer
    One of the Cadillac sites for Salary and Benefits Survey Reports.
  • Compensation.BLR.com
    Subscription based after a free 14-day trial period. Provides comparison figures for different parts of the country and other valuable information.
  • Career Bank
    Year 2002 salaries for various accounting positions.
  • Economic Research Institute
    Find estimated mean salaries for the year 2018 in more than 4,700 occupations.
  • Economic Research Institute's Surveys and Sources
    International, U.S. and Canadian salary surveys and estimators in addition to links to other suites of tools for calculating salary and gaining vital decision-making information about other locations.
  • The Salary.com Personal Salary Report
    Another tool that can be found on this site is a salary calculator that bases its response on profession, industry and location.


    Electronic Business News
    A salary calculator specifically focused on Purchasing careers. There's an explanation of how to use the calculator. The database contains not only ballpark figures for salaries but interviews as well.

  • Dice.com 2004 Results
  • Information Week
    Salary calculator for the IT industry. Data is based on a survey with 25,000 responses. Searches are broken down by management or staff classifications for compensation by:
    • job function
    • job title
    • best payiing locations
    • best paying industries

Relocation Tools

Salary Calculators

You will find these very useful salary calculators allow you to compare salaries in one area to another, in addition to several other tools.

  • Salaries Review
    A review of Occupational Employment Statistics for beginning wage and salary data relating to anyplace in the United States.

    Also provides links to:

    • U.S./Canada Wage & Salary
    • U.S./Canada Cost-of-Living
    • U.S./Canada Employee Benefit
    • International Remuneration
    • International Cost-of-Living
  • SalaryTrax
    A suite of tools to help discern the optimal salary package, career progression indicators, and a job tracker that matches the candidate with the opportunities in that salary and career range.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Wages by Area and Occupation
    Information broken down as aggregate national, regional, states and metropolitan areas.

Compensation News

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