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There are a lot of tools and techniques to getting connected to others. Explore a few here. 

An exciting, uplifting, empowering book. These principles really do work, whether youre trying to get ahead in a job, establish a business, or raise $100 million. Scott DeGarmo, former publisher and editor-in-chief, Success magazine

We all know the importance of a strong network of friends and colleagues. Power Networking is an empowering approach to creating relationships that are mutually beneficial and rewarding. It shows how to use networking as an effective, powerful business marketing tool and a way to create trusting and fulfilling personal relationships. This breakthrough book helps you learn to:

  • Put into practice the life-affirming Power Networking philosophy
  • Eliminate the roadblocks to successful networking
  • Use the "stepping-stone" method to meet anyone you want
  • Make requests that get the results you want
  • Uncover and activate your "hidden network"
  • Say good-bye to the Lone Ranger mentality
Discover your Power Networking score with the Self-Assessment, learn from the Networking in Action cases, and use Plan Your Action: Act on Your Plan to put these proven networking methods to work in your life.

This is the fully revised and updated edition of the ground–breaking self–help book on improving communicating and socializing skills in business and life. How To Work A Room lays down the fundamentals for savvy socializing, whether at a party, a conference, or even communicating online. RoAne clearly shows how to overcome the five roadblocks that keep most people from making new contacts; mix chutzpah and charm to start and end conversations smoothly; know when to use humor––and when not to; and follow simple rules of etiquette. Incorporating years of feedback from hundreds of presentations, as well as anecdotes from around the globe, RoAne keeps How To Work A Room fresh and on target. New chapters include: strategies starting, maintaining, and exiting conservations; and advice on commutating effectively in today's tech driven world.

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