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September 29, 2002 Update
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Responsibility and Reform are this issue's watchwords.

Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   September 24, 2002  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

You Asked, It Will Be Done

Education and Skills Assessments

Career Opportunities

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

Here are a few dates and events you'll want to know about:

You Knowledge Management pros are probably busy at the Communities as a Strategic Organizational Resource conference as the rest of us are reading this newsletter on September 23 and 24.

While you IT pros are probably getting ready to attend the Voice XML conference or else the International IT Service Management Summit between September 26 and 27

You recruiters are checking your calendars twice to get scheduled into the AIRS Search Labs throughout this and next month.

Marketing and Business Management pros may want to attend the E-mail Marketing ROI Seminar October 1 and 2

and IT pros and execs will want to see what Harvard Business School has put together at their Next Generation Growth: A Strategy Leadership Summit on October 3 in Cupertino.

Check the Calendar for details on these and other dates and events.

VoiceXML Planet 2002 Conference & Expo

Ethical Corporation magazine is producing a conference and seminar in New York slated for October 2-4 to explore the business case for effective management of corporate social and environmentally responsible issues.

Some of the presenters will be:

  • Dawn Rittenhouse, Director Sustainable Development, DuPont
  • Pam Flaherty, Senior Vice President, Global Community Relations, Citigroup
  • Michael Crooke , President and CEO, Patagonia
in addition to other executives from Microsoft, Toyota, Intel, and MTV Network.

To find out more details about the conference please visit Ethical Corp. or contact Peter Carkeek on Free Phone 1 800 814 3459 or + 44(0) 20 7375 7160 or send email to

For general CSR information visit Ethical Corp.

You students are probably preparing for entrance exams and ignoring this news update. Good for you. Place well and pass your exams. Check the calendar for some of the dates. Others that are significant in October are:

October 5 - LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)
October 12 - SAT I and SAT II (College Entrance Exams)
October 15 - PSAT (College Entrance Exam)
October 19 - PSAT and OAT (Optometry Admission Test)

Check the Education section of this newsletter for test preparation resources.

Incidentally, Kaplan is offering students a chance to win $25,000 towards their first year of grad school. The sweepstakes runs from August 15th to October 31st. For more details, visit Kaplan: Win $25,000 for grad school!

Additionally, Business Week's World MBA Tour of business schools started this week in the U.S. (Sept 21-29) . The Tour travels with over 250 of the top international business schools, including nineteen of the US 'Top 20.' The U.S. schools include Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Kellogg, Michigan, Stanford, UCLA and Wharton. Sponsors of the Tour are:

Business Week, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal, Toronto Star, Boston Globe, Kaplan, Business 1060 and Metro.

As for the schools still on the tour:

  • Western Europe - Oct 9-21
  • Central Europe - Oct 24 - Nov 3
  • Asia Pacific - Nov 9-26

Please check the Calendar for specific locations and dates.

To see more of what's going on at Business Schools, check

Business Week B-Schools Calendar

Remember! The ER Expo 2002 East in Atlanta on October 9-11, 2002. You'll definitely want to be there if you're a recruiter. Don't believe me? Check the Conference Agenda.

So you want to register? Go to the Registration page.

Entrances Events Calendar

   Greetings Dear Readers!

These days, there's a lot of talk about what it takes to be not only good executive material but ethical as well. A lot more consideration is going into corporate responsibility, reporting, accountability, salaries and benefits.

To that end, Business Week has a new issue of its The Best & Worst Boards [of Directors]. You'll want to take a look at this fourth edition to see the new categories and which companies are rated best, worst, most improved. You may be slightly surprised.

Also under close scrutiny is how much diversity is being incorporated into the office mixture combined with genuine acceptance.

There's a lot to keep track of and a lot to stay abreast of. It isn't easy if it's novel. But addressing all of these issues is doable. Taking the path of least resistance and being accountable only when someone is looking is not a strategy that will get you or your company ahead in the long run. People see past facades and don't stick around very long for the second act.

If you're going to survive these times, it's best to see the value in all of your team members and make doubly sure they are all part of the team.

If you're thinking of making some changes or considering additional studies to advance your career, there are some interesting materials from Business Week that will help put things in perspective for better decision making.

And now, let's examine some things from the past two weeks and in the future week that will help you in your career, recruiting and management concerns.

  • Worth a Read
  •   There are quite a few issues in the news of matters that will affect you in some way. Here are a few you may want to read up on.

    Executive signing and severance packages are not only being carefully considered and restructured, some are being pulled. See

    There are some interesting exercises new MBA students are doing these days. Even before classes start, they're being asked to prepare essays. See:
  • For MBAs, Soul-Searching 101

    Comings and Goings
    Sometimes you want to recruit and place the best but they won't accept the position.
    Volcker Rejects Accounting Oversight Post
    ... and sometimes you need to let one of the best go
    CalPERS Terminates Goldman Contract
    ... and then you seek a candidate who can come in to set things aright
    Tyco Is Set to Announce a New Financial Chief
    There are a lot of attributes to consider when sourcing and recruiting.
    The Board of WorldCom Begins Search for Next Chief

    Some of the links are time sensitive. If you have difficulty finding the articles from the hyperlinks above, you can also check Time Magazine's archives to find similar articles.


    CERA Periodicals Research Center

  • You Asked, It Will Be Done
  •   Each issue of these updates contains an invitation to contact me with requests for what you want to see. There have been several requests and in the next several days, delivery will happen.

    The first request was for republication of the articles dealing with recruiting and domestic violence. On their way.

    Next came a request for information about career and suitability assessments. The two articles, "Self-Assessed", Parts 1 and 2 will also be republished in the next few days.

    There was also a request for information about possible careers in medicine. I'm checking my resources for career guides. Check the site Library in the next few days. The guides will be available.

    If you have any other requests, please feel free to speak up. The contact information is at the bottom of this update and also on the "About Us" page on the site.

    The reassessment and restrategizing chat on September 11 was good. Turnout was low but those who were present got a lot of good out of what was discussed.

    Let me know if you'd like to attend a similar chat in the future and also what day(s) and time(s) are more desirable and which topics are of interest to you.

    Entrances Chat

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •   234 laid off

    As was mentioned in the "Dates," this is an active time regarding schools and admissions. The World MBA Tour features the following workshops:

    • MasterClass in Leadership -
      Business 101: sample b-school class

      Attend a free seminar given by a top professor from one of the world's leading schools (participating schools include Columbia, LBS, Ivey, Tuck, HEC, Instituto, Emory, Bocconi, Michigan, and Georgetown)

    • Kaplan sponsored MBA Admissions Seminar (US venues)

      you can hear from a Kaplan expert to get GMAT strategy information and valuable advice on your b-school admissions package.

    • Panel discussion :
      Choosing the right school

      panel discussion with admissions officers and MBA graduates discussing the admissions process, life at school, post MBA career opportunities

      You can also find out about exclusive scholarships, and of course meet face to face with admissions officers.

    Don't forget
    Please invite friends or colleagues who may be interested in attending - entrance is $5 if they pre-register, (otherwise entrance fee is $10)

    To register Space for the Fairs and Seminars is filling fast! Tell your friends, and register by visiting The Number One Tour around the world or in the US by calling 1-800-KAP-TEST.

    For more information about B-School, consider visiting the Kaplan Test Prep Business Home

    For more Business School tools, also check Business Week's

    To make your negotiations more effective, consider using

    The Personal Salary Report

    Mike Russiello, CEO and Co-founder of Brainbench, recently provided some valuable information about skills assessments and certifications. Check the information in

    STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD: Skill Certifications in a Renew-or-Die World

    CERA Library

  • Career Opportunities
  •   Here are some samplings from a few of the job boards:

    • Director of Marketing and Promotions for Indiana baseball franchise. Minimum 1 year marketing experience required.
    • Director of Marketing for mid-western sports arena. Position focuses on sales of Season Tickets, Groups and corporate advertising.
    • Public Address Announcer for upper northeast hockey club.
    • Promotions Internship for Eastern baseball club.
    Please note that the links for HotJobs are time sensitive.

    • Director of Environmental Services for an Oakland, CA foundation. Posted Sept 27
    • Lineman - Journey Level for a mid-western energy company, positions available in OR, UT, AZ, NV, WA, LA, TX, NE. Posted Sept 27
    • Drafters/Architects for Southern California medical-science company. Requires auto-CAD, medical and K-12 schools experience. Posted Sept 27
    • Featured Companies: nursing careers at Hoag Hospital; technical careers at Adecco and Adecco Technical.

    Are you ready for your next opportunity? has thousands of jobs. Post your resume today.

    Find your next employee inexpensively. Post a Job on Gear For Your Career

    • Treasury Manager for New England firm that designs and produces specialized systems used in manufacturing processes. Among the key responsibilities are Manage worldwide cash including funding, forecasting, banking relationships; Work with outside legal counsel on various SEC filings and other matters. Posted Sept 24
    • Sales Manager for very strong, aggressive NATIONAL COMPANY in Ohio, specializing in mechanical goods. Especially interested in experienced salespeople who are now or have previous experience selling fasteners, nuts and bolts, motors and belts, greases, or specialty chemicals. Posted Sept 26
    • Business Analyst for Houston-based human asset management company to assist in analyzing of project documentation and business processes. Work with management and operations on forecast, and develop financial models for various scenarios including acquisitions. Posted Sept 27
    Click here to Post your Job on, one of the Top 5 job sites on the Internet!

    Other Opportunities
    According to an August 12, 2002 article at Diversity, Inc., the mid-western corporation Cinergy is very interested in getting women linemen in their workforce. See, What's Hot in Diversity Management for Top Companies

    Young job seekers, take heart. Word from Diversity Inc.'s August 20, 2002 article, ""_blank"> Recruitment Challenge: When 50% of Workers Retire, How Do You Find New Talent?" indicates Phillip Morris will be looking for younger talent to fill the positions of those who are retiring from their workforce.

    Get 15% off entire order with Vault's Back to School Bookstore Special. Promotion code is "cjvault". Offer good 09/01/02-10/31/02.

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •   It's good to stay abreast of the business and market news in order to have a sense of how your industry and the companies in it are doing. Here are a few stories that will give you a sense of what's happening:
      According to Management Advantage's September 12 newsletter (#236), there are New EEOC rules re ADA and discrimination; and a mixed motive discrimination case held for plaintiff employee

      To get more information about these new legal issues, visit Management Advantage or EEO News

      Venture capital and business funding is still in an iffy state even one year after September 11, 2001's attacks
      Down Economy is Biggest Hurdle For VCs Since 9/11

      In healthcare and medicine news, cardiology is the focus of many medical device investors according to a September 12 article from Wall Street Journal Online (subscription required)

      In the biotechnology industry, Xenova's funding moves could prove successful in the depressed atmosphere. See the September 12 article at Fast Times (subscription required)

      And in the energy industry, NRG is dumping assets in order to stay ahead. See
      Xcel unloads more NRG assets.

      CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •   I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

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    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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