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January 27, 2003 Update
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Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   January 27, 2003 Issue  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

What's Been Happening

Education and Skills Assessments

Careers and Recruiting

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

  • Feb 8 -LSAT and ACT
  • April 26-MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test)


  • Jan 31 Deadline to distribute W2s to U.S. employees

  • Feb 5-7 Project Management for Clinical Development
  • Feb 11 StaffingU - Mining for Quality Candidates; The Art of Closing Jupiter Media Events

    HP X-treme Manageability Event
    Jan 28-Feb 2 - See Calendar for specific dates and locations

    • Watch for the AIRS Leadership Summits in March. They promise to have a lot you'll want to know. "The Leadership Summits bring HR and recruitment professionals, executives, and decision makers together with industry and regional experts and leaders to educate, inform, and discuss issues important to today's recruitment and HR landscapes."

    • has a call for papers for their Human Capital Metrics Summit. Email or visit the site for details.

    • Jupiter Events has a Call for Products for its allNet Devices conference in San Jose. What they say is:

      "Jupiter Research is launching a search for the leading products and technologies that will enable the vision of Digital Ubiquity. Ideally, these will be brand new products or technologies, not previously announced. Products that have shipped prior to 2003 will not be a primary focus but will be considered."

      For more details, go to the Call for Products page.

    • Institute for International Research has periodic calls for papers but you can also submit your proposal to be a speaker via their online speaker's proposal form

    As for significant networking events and conferences, classes and deadlines, please refer to the Calendar and the Bulletins

    To have your networking or career-related events listed in the Bulletins and on the Calendar, visit the Bulletins - Calendar page to get the submission guidelines.

    Also be certain to check the events calendars for niche interests at: to name a few places where you'll find where people are connecting.
    Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the Travel Resources that are listed on the Discussions : Calendar page for special membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

    Entrances Events Calendar

  •    Greetings Dear Readers!

    With the change in format of the Updates, you may or may not have noticed a pattern to what's included. Allow this moment to explain the format.

    Part of having a successful career search, being considered quality material for advancement, and making good business decisions is being knowledgeable about issues that are affecting your industry, who the leaders are and the criteria being used to measure their performance, what's happening to those leaders and the workforce they command. It's important to be conversant about these issues. It is wise to do more than merely walk about with a lot of information that you've read but actually use and discuss that news and information after you've analyzed and interpreted it for yourself. Even if you've done all of that, discussing with others to learn their perspective is helpful. It's good to have the basic information so that there's a basis for the conversation.

    Another aspect of the career search (and sourcing) is knowing where things are happening so that you can connect with these people on a face-to-face basis. When the event is on the Web, it's still a networking opportunity to the extent that the other participants are visible.

    These Updates offer you some sources of information in most of the industries that "Entrances" serves to provide you with tools that enhance your search and advancement endeavors. There is so much information that it is not always possible to include each of the industries in every issue. If one is being neglected, please drop me a line and let me know. Likewise, if there's something that's being overplayed, it helps to speak up.

    In this second half of January, we in some way remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and his endeavors to peacefully bring equality and inclusion of all. With the words "diversity," "affirmative action," and "glass ceiling" being held out as imperatives since the 1970s, it would be good for us to re-evaluate the meaning underlying those words and put action to emphasis in order to make them reality.

    You owe it to yourself to visit Interactive Employment Training's new diversity awareness webcast, "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect". The registration acknowledgement explains, "This unique course gives you the skills and tools you need to improve your ability to work better with others by developing a more complete understanding of diversity and how it affects all of us. This course deals with effective communication skills, stereotypes, teamwork, and even has a built in personality profiler."

    Yvonne LaRose
    Viva Voce

  • Worth a Read
  •    Remember to visit the Library's Periodicals section. Headlines are from leading management publications and will provide additional information about current trends and thinking in your industry.

    The Library - Books

  • What's Been Happening
    • The site Privacy Policy has been missing since the changes that occurred in August. The restated Privacy Policy is now available.

      Please update your bookmarks if there are certain articles you want to re-read. The articles have moved to a new URL. The identification number is static but the directory name is now "/ceraarticles". Thus, if you want to read the second half of the 2003 forecast, you will simply modify the URL to read "" to reach it. The Articles link is still in the left-hand navigation bar. The index to the articles is now on the second page of their new home with a quick link to the Index.

    • The Bulletins : Calendar page now has a full view of the month's notices and a mini-calendar for convenience in locating networking events, classes and other business, career and recruiting notices.
    • New admission test dates are available in the Education Center
    • There are several new Special Offers in the Resource Center. Be certain to check for savings on your career and recruiting related needs.
    • The Assessments page has more links to candidate career and personality assessments.

    These newsletter updates come to you through the software provided by The following are announcements they made on January 26 regarding their SafeUnsubscribe and unsolicited mail programs:

    As a Constant Contact user, you are always up-to- date on changes within the email marketing industry. The new standard for unsubscribe footers is a "one- click" unsubscribe function, so we have simplified and shortened our footer to incorporate one-click instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe(TM).

    Roving Joins NAI Email Service Provider Coalition - As the trusted third party sender of permission-based email marketing messages for over 100,000 Constant Contact users worldwide, Roving is in a position to affect change in the email marketing industry and to build trust and confidence in legitimate commercial email.

    In a move towards that goal, on January 21, 2003, Roving became a charter member of the NAI Email Service Provider Coalition. The coalition, comprised of 19 leading email service providers, was formed in response to public concern regarding the proliferation of spam and business concerns regarding the increasing difficulty in delivering legitimate email messages.

    The coalition's goal is to develop solutions to the spam problem and to protect the appropriate use of permission-based email as a marketing and business communication tool.

    Have you cast your vote in either or both of the polls yet? There's still time. One of the polls is a retread, the other is new. The replay is:

    Screening Executive Applicants
    You've just received responses to your ad from Sherron Watkins, Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay. You:

    • Accept each application and store it
    • Do a further background check on all three
    • Send them a thank you note saying the position has been filled
    • Ask the client if they are interested in high profile candidates
    • Interview all three

    Succession Planning
    When it comes to hiring new managers at my company, we:

    • Develop and train our people, then promote
    • Have a coaching and mentoring program that develops our new leaders
    • Use a search firm to present qualified people
    • Have Human Resources run an ad
    • A mixture of the above

    Both of these polls expire on February 10, 2003.


    • A court-appointed bankruptcy examiner has been investigating Enron tax deals as part of his broader inquiry into its financial dealings, according to people involved in the inquiry.
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission will decide this week whether to require mutual funds to disclose how they vote on behalf of their investors in corporate proxy balloting.
    • The staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission plans to recommend that the agency soften proposed rules that would impose new obligations on lawyers and accountants, government officials said. After an onslaught of lobbying, the commission will complete work this week on regulatory proposals that were required under a law passed by Congress nearly six months ago to address a spate of corporate scandals.
      See also Article from The Washington Post
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun an informal inquiry into claims by a former international executive at Wyeth, the drug manufacturer, who says the company was involved in cheating foreign governments out of taxes, according to The New York Times.
    • In a rare move to shame a market operator, Britain's Takeover Panel on Tuesday, Jan. 21, publicly criticized New York hedge fund Indigo Capital LLC and its managing partner Robert Bonnier over the handling of recent trades in British office manager Regus.
    • Federal securities regulators have accused two former executives of Centennial-based OnLine Power Supply Inc. of defrauding investors by selling nearly $18 million in unregistered stock.
    • A congressional panel investigating how collapsed Enron Corp. used shelters and loopholes to avoid paying taxes is nearing the end of its inquiry, as a court-appointed bankruptcy examiner also is said to be looking into the company's tax deals.
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to adopt rules that would require lawyers to take concerns about violations of securities laws to top executives at the companies they advise and, if necessary, to corporate boards. But the rules would not require lawyers to take their concerns directly to the S.E.C. if executives and the board failed to respond appropriately to a lawyer's warning.
    • In related news, the Securities and Exchange Commission dealt a blow to the mutual fund industry by voting yesterday to force them to disclose how they vote in proxies. Under current rules, fund companies have no obligation to tell anyone how they cast their ballots on anything, from an acquisition by General Electric Co. to the selection of board members for Microsoft Corp.
      See also Article from The Boston Globe
    • The Enron Corporation will ask a bankruptcy court judge next month to approve an additional $29 million in pay for hundreds of employees needed to assist in the company's reorganization and possible liquidation. Under the proposal, up to 900 crucial employees will be asked to stay until February 2004.
    • Some Banks Encourage Overdrafts, Reaping Profit - At least 1,000 banks are encouraging customers with low balances to overdraw their checking accounts, allowing the banks to collect billions of dollars in new fees.
    • After 10 Years, Corporate Oversight Is Still Dismal - Ten years after the so-called Year of the Sharp Knives, it looks very much as if the corporate governance revolution of 1993 is back at Square 1.

    Barry Friedberg, a former senior investment banking executive at Merrill Lynch & Co., plans to form a merchant-banking firm in partnership with Manhattan real-estate executive Howard Milstein. Go to Article from Wall Street Journal -- Subscribe Now and get 2 Free Weeks (Subscription Required)

    CERA Library

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •    234 laid off

    Perhaps you're wondering whether taking or administering skills assessment exams is worth your while. Five knowledge experts address the issue and provide stimulating answers in The Benefits of Online Skills Measurement Through the Eyes of Five Knowledge Workers.

    CERA Education Center

  • Careers and Recruiting
  •    Free Resume Bank
    • Casual Themed Restaurant Assistant Managers - Maryland and Virginia
      Type: Full Time - Entry Level - Maryland vacancies (10) - Local candidates only as company does not pay for relocation. NOTES: 20 openings. Local Residents Only
    • Entry Level Software Engineer - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - NOTES: 10 openings. US Residents Only. Employer will assist with relocation costs
    • Store Support Representative - San Diego, CA -
    • Marketing Corporate Trainee - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Arline and David L. Bittker Fellowship - Washington, D.C.
    • Curriculum Designer Developmental - Washington, D.C.
    Job hunting? Hunting for educated, enthusiastic employees? Click here!

    6 Figure Jobs - Executive HR/Recruiters

    • International Private Banker Corporate Search Consultants India - 01/27/03
    • International Private Banker - Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela - 01/27/03
    • Area/Branch Manager - Pennsylvania Philadelphia - 01/27/03
    • District Sales Manager - San Francisco California - 01/27
    6 FIGURE Talent WANTED! is the leading online career management resource for high-caliber professionals. FREE! Resume posting with full confidentiality! Search through thousands of $100k+ executive and management level opportunities. Also find all of the tools and resources you need to enhance and advance your successful career.
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    Corp HR & Exec Recruiters. Click Here!

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    • Communications Project Manager - Providence, Rhode Island - 1/23/03
    • Director Of Construction - Madison, Wisconsin - 1/23/03
    • Director of Supply Chain Operations - Denver, Colorado - 1/23/03
    • Associate VP for Facilities Services - Ithaca, New York - 1/23/03
    • Associate Vice President - Ithaca, New York - 1/23/03
    • Director of Administration - Hamilton, Ohio - 1/22/03
    Job seekers with Net-Temps, the online job board specializing in temporary and contract employees, now have access to the professional resume writing and distribution services of Employment911.
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    Resume Distribution Services
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    The New Gobal Job Shift - The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. They include basic research, chip design, engineering--even financial analysis. Can America lose these jobs and still prosper? Who wins? Who loses?

    Way Down--in the Valley - Commerce One is working to escape from the ranks of the tech zombies

    HRnext's parent company, Business & Legal Reports, invites its HR professional subscribers to participate in their 2003 Wage & Salary Survey (downloadable PDF document). What you'll receive in return is detailed results by state on over 100 benchmark jobs reported by exempt and non-exempt categories, region, size, and type of employer. According to HRnext, the data is compiled from over 4,000 companies by region, size of company and job market and delivers the "Inside" data to help you hire the best people. DEADLINE: February 14, 2003.

    While you're waiting for the results of the BLR Survey, you'll want to have an additional source available in order to compare figures and draw conclusions based on a number of resources. So find out what you're worth with a personalized salary report from

    Your First Real Job - One Little Number Can Make a Big Difference Visit H&R Block's First Job section to find out how.

    Is Your Home Equity Working for You? Make a Second Mortgage Your First Defense in Financial Management

    Requerdale, H&R Block. Contamos con toda la experiencia.

    A recent survey conducted by Best Practices that consists of responses from 50 companies reports there are seven primary indicators of good recruiting. See the summary reported in's January 22, 2003 issue.
    For you IT [Flash] designer and developer pros, eHelp announces the availability of their newest add-on RoboFlash Toolkit. You can try the demo. Purchase price is $99.
    HR and Management
    HR Web Store (also known as Management Advantage), starting this year, will have a featured product of the month which will have a special discount during its feature period. The featured product can be found on the "What's New" link on the site.

    For the month of January, the featured product is Workplace Violence Prevention seminar binder. The discount applies to all quantities. The applicable discount code can be found while in the "What's New" area and used during checkout.

    Speaking of workplace violence prevention, an equally important topic is discriminatory harassment prevention. You can get training for your office on any (or all) of three mediums: video, CD or online at Interactive Employment Training. Stop by and view the online demo for sexual harassment. You'll also want to check their new workplace diversity program.

    Management Advantage also advises in its Issue #249 that OSHA has settled its draft nursing home ergonomics guidelines. Those guidelines can be found on the OSHA website.

    Also in #249, Management Advantage publishes a correction and clarification regarding the age discrimination legislation enacted by A.B. 1599. In part, the edification notes that the bill expands protections for workers over 40 to training and benefit reimbursement programs; and it extends protections under Government Code Section 12940 (and related statutes) to training programs and other terms and conditions of employment for persons over 40. Further, the bill does not bar all age-based discrimination. It should be read in conjunction with Government Code Section 12926(b). The effect, according to the writer, is "to make unlawful discrimination relating to training programs based upon a person being 40 years of age or more."

    Tax and Accounting
    • IRS Offers New Features for Tax Professionals - The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new and expanded email subscription service available through that tax professionals and others can utilize to stay informed of real-time tax news.
    • New Accounting and SEC Rules - The nation's accounting rule makers took steps intended to make it harder for companies to hide debts and assets from their shareholders. At the same time, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted rules aimed at changing other practices thrown into a harsh light by recent financial scandals.
      Also see Article from The Washington Post
    • Accounting vs. SEC Bout - The accounting industry is fighting to protect its valuable tax-consulting franchise against regulatory inroads by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is planning a key vote next Wednesday. The agency has said that auditors may compromise their independence if they advise companies how to cut their tax bills and then judge the effect on the companies' financial statements.
    • Research Practices Showdown - After a year and a half of investigation into Wall Street stock-research abuses, the settlement is being held up over semantics, according to The Wall Street Journal. The National Association of Securities Dealers and the New York Attorney General's Office are heading for a showdown over a final regulatory report on stock-analyst conflicts at Citigroup Inc., threatening to delay completion of a broad settlement of research practices with Wall Street's top firms. Go to Article from Wall Street Journal -- Subscribe Now and get 2 Free Weeks (Subscription Required)

    No, I'm not related to Dennis LaRosee and do not know him. Perhaps we should meet and discuss his interview and the points made in Survivor: Managing Company Downsizing and Survivor: Morale After Layoffs as they relate to the Business Week interview reported as Making a Plus of Downsizing - Bosses get more practice these days, but laying off workers will never be easy. An expert explains how to avoid the worst pitfalls

    Check your credit report to assure yourself that your identity is in tact. INSTANTLY See Your Credit Info From ALL 3 Bureaus!

      CEOs, Learn to Live with Risk - IToo many are afraid to move, concerned about today's global turmoil. Well, it's time to get over those fears and get back to business
    • If you weren't able to attend the chat on January 22, one point made by Al Cotrone (among many excellent ones), Admissions Officer at University of Michicgan Business School, is that graduates need to be able to hit the ground running and able to deal with a variety of situations. [link to the transcript when available]
    • Why Diversity Is Good Business - Corporate leaders are lining up to defend college affirmative-action programs. They know ethnically mixed workforces pay dividends
    • Hispanics Now Largest Minority, Census Shows - New figures released by the Census Bureau show that Hispanics have edged past blacks as the nation's largest minority group.

    Have you registered for the AIRS/New York Times Diversity Leadership Summit? You'll gain a good deal of insight into ways to improve your company's appeal and strength. See AIRS Diversity Summit information and registration.

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •    One of the forecasts I made for this year was regarding combinations and consortiums. It appears the Wall Street Journal agrees and reports: It's the entrepreneurial equivalent of marrying for money. With the spigot on venture funding tight and the window for initial public offerings all but shut, some cash-starved start-ups are looking for a new lease on life by wooing a wealthier competitor. And troubled public companies are joining the dance by courting private companies with cash on their balance sheets. (Wall Street Journal -- Subscribe Now and get 2 Free Weeks)

    Clean and Merger - The Packer family continued the clean-out of its troubled boom market investments Monday, unveiling a plan to merge its cash-rich CPH Investments with troubled asset manager Challenger International.


    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •    I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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