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Yale Daily News Guide to Writing College Papers

From the staff of the Yale Daily News comes this practical and effective guide to writing better college papers. With step-by-step advice from professors, writing experts, and successful students, this powerful tool guides you through every aspect of the writing process.

From blank page to final draft, the Yale Daily News Guide to Writing College Papers will help you write distinctive and creative papers that get you noticed.


  • Effective strategies from professors, writing experts, and students.
  • Guidance on researching and writing clear, concise, and effective term papers.
  • Practical advice by students for students.
  • Helpful tips on editing and proofreading and the difference between them.

About the Yale Daily News:
The Yale Daily News, the nation's oldest college daily newspaper, is an independent, student-run, non-profit organization. Often called the "best unofficial undergraduate school of journalism in the country," The Yale Daily News alumni include highly respected and influential leaders across the professional spectrum.

Getting the MBA Admissions Edge

Getting in to MBA programs has become more and more competitive. If you're looking for an edge that will help improve your chances of admission to the schools of your choice, then this book is exactly what you need to define and refine yourself as one of today's top business school candidates.


  • Step-by-step method for positioning your application.
  • Detailed analysis of classic essay questions, with over 100 essays reviewed.
  • In-depth school specifics of the top MBAs, curriculum, strengths and weaknesses, and teaching methods.
  • Insider views written by successfully admitted students to the different schools.
  • Insights and strategies from a wide variety of author profiles, from a wide range of academic backgrounds

About the Authors:
Matt Symonds is a recognized expert of business education. He is a contributing writer for leading international media and has created the largest MBA consulting service worldwide, working with over 260 business schools and 53,000 MBA candidates.

Alan Mendonca spent his early career in brand management at Procter & Gamble. He recently graduated from the Harvard Business School, spending his summer internship at McKinsey. He is the co-founder of an internet start-up in the travel sector.