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October 28, 2002 Update
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Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   October 28, 2002  

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Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

The Summit! - Who's News

Education and Skills Assessments

Career Opportunities

Business and Economic Outlook

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Some Dates Worth Noting

Okay, I've made a decision. Those clones were sitting here at the home office while I was away at the beginning of the month. What do I discover when I return? They're still acting like paper weights while everything around them is going to seed. I've fired all of them. Applications for the positions are being accepted.

Meanwhile, there's a lot that's been happening and a lot coming up on the calendar. Here's a sampling:

Those seeking college or advanced studies admission will need to know about test dates. Kaplan Test Prep supplies the following:

  • November 2 SAT I and SAT II
  • November 6-7 CPA (Certified Public Accountant Exam); for information, visit the official site
  • December 7 SAT I, SAT II, and LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
Incidentally, Kaplan is offering students a chance to win $25,000 towards their first year of grad school. The sweepstakes runs from August 15th to October 31st. For more details, visit Kaplan: Win $25,000 for grad school!

ExecuNet will be conducting 11 structured networking events across the United States and in Toronto, Canada. Visit the site for details about when and where.

Those of you affiliated with the Hispanic community will want to know about some significant dates:
  • Nov 1-3 : Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Eastern Technical and Career Conference - Rutherford, NJ
  • Nov 1-3 : National Hispanic Corporate Council 16th Annual Fundraising Gala - Dallas, TX
  • Nov 7-9 : Nat'l Society of Hispanic MBA's National Conference & Career Expo - Phoenix, AZ
For more dates, check the HB Calendar
Additionally, Business Week's World MBA Tour of business schools started this week in the U.S. (Sept 21-29). The Tour travels with over 250 of the top international business schools, including nineteen of the US 'Top 20.' The U.S. schools include Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Kellogg, Michigan, Stanford, UCLA and Wharton. Sponsors of the Tour are:

Business Week, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal, Toronto Star, Boston Globe, Kaplan, Business 1060 and Metro.

As for the schools still on the tour:

  • Central Europe - Oct 24 - Nov 3
  • Asia Pacific - Nov 9-26

Please check the Calendar for specific locations and dates.

To see more of what's going on at Business Schools, check

Business Week B-Schools Calendar

Some interesting trainings and special classes are also coming up. Mark your calendar and plan to set aside the dates:

  • Nov 5 - Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior
  • Nov 6 - Recruiting & HR Solutions Conference and Expo
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and Corporate Responsibility: How to Practice Good Corporate Governance
  • Nov 7 - Enterprise Web & Corporate Portal Conference & Expo
  • Managing the Process Enterprise
  • NPD Portfolio Management Seminar
  • Nov 11 & 12 - Transition to the Process Enterprise
  • Nov 13 - Conflict Management Skills for Women
  • Layoff Lounge - Los Angeles, 6 p.m.
    See the Calendar for additional dates and information.

    Who attended the Pocket PC Summit in Los Angeles on October 21-23, 2002? Whoever you are, drop me a line and share some of the highlights that impressed you most. Your comments will be shared with the rest of your colleagues in a future Update.

  • Dallas: Tuesday, November 5 (Adam's Mark Hotel & Conference Center)
  • Atlanta: Thursday, November 7 (Cobb Galleria)
More details are on the site.
On November 6-7, Kennedy Information's Recruiting & HR Solutions Conference returns to the Javits Center in New York City with an excellent agenda related to the future of recruiting and human capital management. To benefit AIRS members, a special arrangement with Kennedy on this event has been negotiated so that AIRS members may receive a $300 discount. Additional information is on the site. is shutting down its free public questions and answers board on November 25. By the time this writing reaches you, the site will be in read-only mode.

Some of you have taken advantage of the site to ask me questions about your career and management concerns. I'll still be able to take your questions and am in the process of making new arrangements to accommodate you. Stay tuned.

Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the special rates offered by Travelocity Preferred Program for exclusive membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

Entrances Events Calendar

   Greetings Dear Readers!

Someone recently wished me a happy Autumn and asked if I'd enjoyed Summer. "Excuse me," I replied, "I seem to have missed the last two seasons. May I have an instant replay?" With so much going on, no doubt you're feeling the same way.

Even though the economy's in the sewer, the job market feels like a corset hitched up at "make me blue in the face in 30 seconds flat" and the wolf at the door now has colleagues, make certain you set aside some work/life balance time.

Articles are being migrated to the column's new home. The list of what's there now is (in no particular order):

If there are other articles you'd like to see migrated before others, feel free to let me know.

  • Worth a Read
  •   There are many issues that affect your recruiting and career search. Those issues affect the types of decisions you make. So "Worth a Read" and other aspects of these updates bring you some highlights of some of those matters to keep you aware of what's happening.

    That being said, here are some bits and bytes that you'll want to know about:

    Some of the links are time sensitive. If you have difficulty finding the articles from the hyperlinks above, you can also check Time Magazine's archives to find similar articles.


    The Library

  • The Summit! - Who's News
  •   The Pocket PC Summit and MEG (Mobile Entertainment & Gaming) Expo were last week's big events in the IT world. If you attended, you met some of the industry leaders and trend setters. If you didn't attend, here are a few names of those who were there (you should have met them).
    • Eric Petajan, founder and chief scientist of face2face animation, and the chairman of the MPEG-4 standards body's Face and Body Animation (FBA) working group, demonstrated the latest techniques in low-bit-rate wireless video and facial animation
    • The three organizers of the Summit:
      • Eugene Evans is a 20-year veteran of the computer and console gaming industry.
      • John Tidwell is Multimeteor's CEO and co-founder.
      • Mark Winstanley, Multimeteor's co-founder who is also responsible for organizing the Pocket PC Summit.
    • David Elfanbaum, VP of Asynchony, was on the Security Solutions For The Pocket PC - Protecting Devices From Predators panel
    Which companies were there? Take a look at the Spotlight Companies list. If you'd like to arrange an informational interview with any of these industry hotshots, feel free to ask for the contact information.

    Are you feeling a "so what?" moment? Well, the Pocket PC and MEG market are about to explode as far as the next hot spot for IT. So much so that JupiterMedia (formerly known as Internet Tradeshows) announced its involvement.

    Who's News
    The New Leader of I.B.M. Explains His Strategic Course - Samuel J. Palmisano declared that I.B.M. was making a $10-billion bet on a strategic shift toward what it calls "on-demand computing."
    And Things
    IWL has a new resource: is an online gateway and centralized calendar connecting women in business and technology. It's endorsed by 15 Silicon Valley/Bay Area women's organizations and is a place where women can access information about professional programs and resources offered by national and local women's organizations. Current event listings.

    Entrances Bulletins

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •   234 laid off

    According to a notice from the October 30 Interbiznet Bugler, Employers throughout New Jersey can take a free course in discrimination law thanks to a grant from the U.S. Justice Department. The Employers Association of New Jersey will use the grant to teach bosses the do's and don'ts of hiring in an increasingly diverse workforce. The primary focus of the course is on immigration hiring practices. The next schedule of classes start in December. Check their site or the Calendar for dates.

    Atypical Candidates Welcome - B-schools make room for non-traditional applicants
    Go to the The Home Page to check out some of the education articles. In particular:

    Plan Your Career Smartly -'s Self-Assessment Channel provides a variety of resources to help you understand yourself and what careers make the most sense for you.

    SkillPath has several continuing education and enrichment courses that are useful to managers and women managers. Their courses are offered throughout the United States and countries outside the U.S. borders. Go to the site to see the course descriptions and registration requirements. Sample course titles are:
    • Conflict Management Skills for Women
    • Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior
    • Excelling as a First-Time Manager or Supervisor
    • Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader
    • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Managers
    • Fundamentals of Personnel Law for Managers and Supervisors
    • Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines
    • Conference for Women
    • Conference on Leadership Development & Teambuilding
    • The Controllers Workshop
    • Essentials of Communicating with Diplomacy and Professionalism
    • Essentials of Credibility, Composure and Confidence

    CareerTrack's brochure dropped into my mailbox. Interestingly, a receptionist recently asked me for advice on assertiveness and empowerment. Perhaps she'll read this Update and ask her boss to enroll her in the

    Outstanding Receptionist [morning or afternoon] half-day seminar

    Other courses include:

    • Communication Skills for Women
    • The Womens Conference
    • Human Resources & Training Skills
    • IT Desktops
    • IT Networks
    • IT Servers & NT
    • Management Skills
    • Personal Development Skills
    • Professional Development Skills
    • Project Management
    • Team Building Skills
    • Time Management Skills

    For you Accounting and Finance pros, SmartPros has a CPA examination preparation course available. Check out CPA Exam Study Tips and Resources

    Also, there is a ton of info about this exam on SmartPros and study guide distributors such as:

    Meanwhile, there are some placement tests coming up. In order to do your very best, it's wise to use a preparation course. Those preparing for the December LSAT or the CPA certification exams will want to explore the programs at Kaplan (or even try some of the free practice tests) to make some decisions.

    Those of you planning to take the CPA exam(s) will want to consider Full CPA Online from Kaplan in addition to three other products:

    Those of you who want to get briefed and beefed up on Sarbanes-Oxley Act will want to do two things:

    AICPA has a Sarbanes-Oxley Act Implementation Central that many of you will want to visit. It has significant primary information that includes the full text of the Act as well as implementation milestones.

    You medical students may want to use the review materials for the Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 1 Home Study Program

    Choose from Free USMLE Practice Test for Doctors
    Free USMLE Practice test for Students
    or Enroll or upgrade to Kaplan's DeluxePrep or Step 1&2 CenterPrep Combo and receive free month of center access!

    CERA Library

  • Career Opportunities
  •   Here are some of the word-of-mouth opportunities:

    IWL [Institute for Women's Leadership] has two positions open:

    • VP - Sales and Marketing - this full-time sales and marketing position requires an enthusiastic, successful and creative professional services sales person. Compensation includes base salary plus commission. IWL is accepting applicants through November 30th.
    • On-Site Program Manager - this is an independent contractor position for room management during our WLC and ELSC programs. IWL is accepting applicants through November 15th.
    Please contact Jennifer Hibbits at for more information or to submit your qualifications.
    A few months ago, Webgrrls International developed a job bank for their Los Angeles branch. As the last update was being published two new listings for California were announced [10/11/02]:
    • California Based Internet Ad Salesperson - if you are interested go to the Webgrrls JobBank to respond, log in and search job listings.
    • Data Specialist - Sacramento California Area - if you are interested go to the Webgrrls JobBank to respond, log in and search job listings.

    Electronic Recruiting Exchange has four new postings for recruiter career opportunities recent postings on the recruiters' job board.
    Determine whether you're asking or offering the right salary and benefits. The best way to do that is with reliable research. Visit the Career Center to access the Salary Calculator from Better yet, get your own copy of the Personal Salary Report.
    New Service at CollegeJobBoard
    Free posting of your jobs to over 60,000 job sites when you post on Just post your job on CollegeJobBoard and we will automatically post it for free to over 60,000 + sites, including, and This will expose your job opening to millions of potential applicants each month.

    Also, over the past 30 days has been growing faster than ever! We have added over 2 Million New Job Seekers and Resumes and over 2,300 new Sales Representatives.

    Now there is no reason for you to post your job anywhere else. Just post your job on CollegeJobBoard to our Colleges package and, for no additional charge, we will also automatically post it for Free! to over 60,000 other sites.

    Think of it... Your job posted to 60,000-plus Job-related Web sites generating over 2 million unique Job Seekers each month AND access to millions of resumes. All for one low price!

    Press here to see the sites where we will be posting your jobs.

    The CollegeJobBoard Job Posting Network is now the largest and most dynamic job-posting network on the Internet. Now there is no reason for you to post your job anywhere else. New relationships, mergers, acquisitions, and data format changes occur weekly. We monitor and respond to these situations so you don't have to.

    Career News
    Here's what's going on in the career news:

    • A Lost Generation of Job Seekers? - The young and those in mid-career are bearing the brunt of layoffs. And new jobs are harder to find, as older workers delay retirement
    • Women Work. The System Doesn't - Whether bosses, colleagues, and legislators like it not, paid maternity leave and accessible child-care are imperative

    Go to the The Home Page to pick up the news from these headlines:
    • How to Pick a First Job That Launches Your Career - Make a plan. Any plan. Remember, a career plan is not a straitjacket; it's a pair of rollerblades. You can always change direction if the road gets too bumpy.
    • Unemployed Dot-Comers Head Straight to the Bar - Faced with the current job market and the fall of the tech and Web-based industries, lots of former techies and dot-comers have chosen to abandon the digital life, opting instead for something more tangible: bartending.
    • How to Build Bargaining Power to Increase Your Pay - Entering the hiring process early is one of a number of ways you can build bargaining power in order to get a boost in pay
    • An Exclusive Recruiter Interview - American Express recruits undergraduate, graduate students, and midcareer candidates for positions in marketing, finance, risk management, technologies, human resources, strategy planning, and business development

      Although geared toward the IT jobseeker, this article from WetFeet has helpful advice for any industry and echoes my strongest recommendation to career seekers, recruiters and hiring managers.

    • How to Network Like an Expert - It's a common refrain, and it's true: Most of the best jobs are never advertised-anywhere. That's why you need to learn to network.
    • Even though recent business and economic news projected that businesses will not only continue with the current rate of layoffs but also hiring will remain flat through the beginning of next year, just as this Update was being pushed to publication, Interbiznet Bugler advised of a recent article in CFO Magazine. It says even in these times, top companies are still hiring top talent. The pivotal word is "top"; average or pretty good just isn't going to be enough for getting hired. Rough Sledding? Don't Stop Recruiting

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
  •   Here are some headlines that give you a sense of what's happening to the market due to economic and business trends:

    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •   I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

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    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through thedoors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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