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December 11, 2002 Update
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There's holidays and end of the year impacting a bad global economy. There are students and professionals ready to make their applications to universities and looking for guidance. And where, oh where, are the jobs!?!

Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
Executive Recruiting Entrances
Executive Recruiting Entrances Newsletter
   December 11, 2002  

In This Issue

Some Dates Worth Noting

Worth a Read

What's New - Careers And Recruiting World; the Site

Education and Skills Assessments

Career Opportunities

Business and Economic Outlook

Until Next Time

Some Dates Worth Noting

Admissions Exam Test Dates
  • Dec 14 GRE-Psychology - ACT (college entrance exam)
  • Jan 11,2003 -PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test)
  • Jan 25 -SAT I and SAT II
  • Feb 8 -LSAT and ACT
  • April 26-MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test

As for significant networking events and conferences, classes and deadlines, please refer to the Calendar and the Bulletins

To have your networking or career-related events listed in the Bulletins and on the Calendar, visit the Bulletins - Calendar page to get the submission guidelines.

Meanwhile, remember that:

  • Dec 5, 12, 16, 18 - AIRS 2-day Search Labs
  • December 15 - estimated tax filing deadline
  • January 30 - deadline for distributing W2s to U.S. employees

Also be certain to check the events calendars for niche interests at: to name a few places where you'll find where people are connecting.
Those of you considering attending any of these functions that are out of your area will want to check the Travel Resources that are listed on the Discussions : Calendar page for special membership savings, perks, and other great deals you don't want to miss.

Entrances Events Calendar

   Greetings Dear Readers!

To those who were affected by the ice storms and blizzards in Eastern United States, welcome back! Five-plus days with no electricity (sometimes equates to heat, hot water, cooked food, communications - Internet!), it must have been bad. The comfort may be in knowing that "it coulda been worse."

To those in the Down Under, happy Summer! To those in the Far East and in the IT industry, Gung He Fat Choy! A mis primos en las paises latinoamericano, Salud! To those in other parts of the world, Hello and Shalom! I'm still working on getting some Swahili, Scandinavian, Arab and other Middle Eastern terminology down. Bear with me - or send me what those expressions are!

There's been quite a bit going on. Last time I promised you "Why Use a Recruiter," an article addressing the usefulness of recruiters. It's still on the hard drive, along with two guest articles, waiting its turn while the other enhancements were being made.

I'll talk about those enhancements as you move through this update. The other thing I promised was a briefer Update for this mailing.

  • Worth a Read
    • Going Global (audio book)
      By Jefferey H. Bergstrand
      Read by Jeff Woodman (Amer.)
      Learn the 25 keys to building awareness of new brands and learn the secrets of forceful advertising and marketing strategies.
    • Forecasting Budgets
      By Norman Moore (© 2001 - 2001 Listen & Live Audio)
      Read by Grover Gardner (Amer.)
      Learn the 25 keys to preparing operating and financial budgets, including forecasting costs, revenues and profits in the short and long-term, understanding costs and revenue behavior, and building financial models.
    • Future Proofing (e-book)
      Business strategy is a complex, abstract and commonly misunderstood area, yet crucial to an organization's future success. This book covers all key aspects of future proofing, from identifying alternative scenarios and tracking technology change to developing a blueprint for action and communicating it within the organization.
    • The Writer's Legal Guide: An Authors Guild Desk Reference, Third Edition
      by Tad Crawford and Kay Murray. Created by professionals with extensive experience in both law and publishing, this valuable desktop guide answers virtually any question writers are likely to face concerning their rights and the law. Fully updated with the latest information on electronic rights and expanded coverage of fair use and permissions, this new Third Edition features the latest changes in copyright law, book contracts, agency contracts, collaboration agreements, limits of _expression, the Freedom of Information Act, and tax laws.
    • Citizen Brand: 10 Commandments for Transforming Brands in a Consumer Democracy
      by Marc Gobe. Leading brand designer Marc Gobe builds on his highly successful Emotional Branding strategy with Citizen Brand, a powerful new concept designed to help companies earn the trust of today's consumers. Gobe argues that corporations need a new vision to survive in the present "emotional economy," challenging them to develop more passionate, human, and socially responsible brand strategies.
    • Immigration Questions and Answers 3rd edition
      By Carl R. Baldwin. Both legal and illegal immigrants will save time and money with the straightforward, up-to-date explanations of immigration law contained in this and, easy-to-understand guide. Practical guidance is provided for such issues as helping a child get a green card; working legally; obtaining political asylum; paying taxes; receiving access to public benefits; and much more. Thoroughly updated to include timely information on the LIFE Act of 2000, the revision of H1B visas, and other important changes in the law.

    Some of the links are time sensitive. If you have difficulty finding the articles from the hyperlinks above, you can also check Time Magazine's archives to find similar articles.


    The Library

  • What's New - Careers And Recruiting World; the Site
  •   Human Resources Masters Symposium has come and just gone. Did your attend? Do you know someone who did? As with the Pocket PC Expo and the ER 2002 Expo, I'd love to have your comments about it (or just hearsay feedback. Send your comments to me by using the form. If you don't want your name and website mentioned, say as much in your post.

    Humanatek and Fisher Vista, two industry veterans, recently announce the formation of their alliance with the addition of Mark Willaman to the Humantek Advisory Board. The Board's focus is on driving company and industry growth.

    The Library and the site have quite a few enhancements. More are coming. Among the things you'll now find are:
    • An Assessments section is started. It contains career and skills assessment resources for both business and career seekers. More resources will be added as time passes. If you have other recommendations for inclusion, please do contact me.
    • The Forms section contains links to places where you can get Tax, Human Resource, Business and Business Plan, and Legal forms.
    • The Education Center is open. You'll find test dates, exam preparation resources, resume and application writing tutorials and resources, references to TOEFL aids and tools, language and communication resources, links to training programs, and distance learning universities and education programs. There are quite a few additional plans in store for the Education Center. Stay tuned and ready to use it.
    • Two pages of College Guides have been added to the Guides section of the Library. Company and Industry guides, as well as Career guides, are coming.
    • The Resource Center is stocked. The services available there range from business and business casual apparel and accessories to insurance services, employee incentive and professional gift ideas, business equipment and accessories, office supplies, and financial services. These are recommended resources for CERA and Entrances members, where you can get most offers at special prices.
    • Among the Travel Resources in the Bulletins : Calendar page are additional resources to help you plan your trip. You can now access maps, weather reports for your destinations, a currency converter and hotel reviews.

      It's been there all of the time, but instructions for submitting information for the calendar, bulletins and updates is also on that page.

    • The Discussions page now has easier access and navigation to the Discussion List and Forum, where you can post your comments and conversations with other Entrances and CERA members.

      Also added to the page is a Chat Schedule that will show what group discussions and activities will be done via chat. A link to the "Contact Us" form is at the bottom of the page.

    • A Google search box is available on pages throughout the site. It will help you search the site, as well as the WWW, for what you want to find.
    • Given that the Questions and Answers portion of the site that was supported by AskMe is gone, a new area for consultations is being developed. More about that area will be announced in the next Update. Those who have requested a consultation, please know that your private room is being prepared.

    I apologize for being as lazy as those good for nothing clones. I'll do better in the future.

    Two Polls
    In spite of dealing with those clone interviews and screening resumes from more, some of the site additions include two new polls in the Forum. Responses cannot be changed. The polls will be active until January 10 and are:

    1. Managers and Recruiters can participate in the Diversity Recruiting Poll
      Our diversity program is
      • a well-developed plan that's working
      • an ad hoc endeavor
      • a natural-occurring element of our practices
      • focused on qualifying us for government contracts
      • not working very well

      If your choice is "Other," say so by either posting to the Discussion List or in the Forum.

    2. Employees and Career Seekers should cast a vote in the Employee Benefits Poll.

      The most important employment benefit for me is

      • health and dental benefits
      • education reimbursement
      • pension or retirement plan
      • savings plan
      • flexible work schedule
      • paid parking
      • in-house cafeteria with lower prices

      If your choice is "Other," say so by either posting to the Discussion List or in the Forum.

    For those who are subscribers, here's a holiday savings coupon from LuggageOnline. It's my way of saying thanks for subscribing. Click on the link and then enter the special code to save $10 on luggage (new briefcase?) orders amounting to $150 or more. Take $10 Off orders over $150, plus FREE Shipping! Enter Special Code "102002" at checkout. Excludes Tumi. Expires 12/31/02.

    Or save $25 on orders over $350. Take $25 Off orders over $350, plus FREE Shipping! Enter Special Code "252002" at checkout. Excludes Tumi. Expires 12/31/02.

    If you're interested in Tumi luggage instead, it can now be ordered online by using this link. Please note that no discounts are available for Tumi.

    Have either you recruiters or you career seekers made your holiday gift Wish List yet? I would imagine either list will look something like this:
    Corporate/Executive Recruiter Career Seeker/Career Advancer
    • Improved economy
    • 3 placement orders
    • 10 qualified candidates for each order
    • 1 easy-to-use ATS
    • 4G additional HD storage
    • New computer system
    • New PDA
    • Additional 12 hours in each day for getting things done
    • Improved economy
    • 2 resume delivery services
    • Less volunteered work
    • Longer-term projects
    • 3G additional HD storage
    • New computer system
    • New PDA
    • Additional 12 hours in each day for getting things done
    Send me your additions or corrections. I'll see what I can do to get them to the Gift Bringer.
    Well, let's admit it. The holiday season is here and what you want (in addition to information about running your business effectively with the right people or else making the best career choices for yourself) is finding the best deals for your shopping dollars. Okay. Here goes:

    Brooks Brothers

    These offers are valid until December 23.
    You may still have time to take advantage of the travel savings being offered by They are:
    Save 50% on VirusScan Online (Dec 4th - Dec 18th) - This is quite a deal. Act fast. The days are slipping by faster than we'd like.

    Gateway is offering Free Shipping on all home desktop PCs systems starting as low as $399. See, Free Shipping on All Desktop PC's

    Gateway® Guaranteed Holiday Delivery: Order by December 20, 2002 and Gateway will guarantee your custom-built desktop PC will arrive on or by December 24 (See site for details). Guaranteed Holiday Delivery -- Order by Dec. 20

    Lands' End
    In addition to holiday family turtlenecks; buy 3 and save $7.50 (good until 12/27/02), Land's End has Lands' End Holiday Edibles. Corporate gifts from Land's End. What a deal!

    The Sharper Image
    Last-Second Shopping is easy with Online Gift Certificates from The Sharper Image

    The Sharper Image is offering a FREE upgrade to 2-day express shipping on all online orders from December 14th through December 21st. That means shoppers can order as late as 10:00 a.m. PT on December 21 and still have their gifts arrive in time for Christmas-at no additional cost!

    For more information on holiday shipping schedules, please click here. You do have time for those executive (and personal) gifts to arrive.

    While you're on the site, you may want to check these offers:

    1. FREE Shipping on everything in our Ready-To-Go Gifts category.
    2. 15% off your first order when you register at The Sharper Image.
    3. 50% off 8x18 Sliding Binocular.
    4. 50% off Winemaker's Collection.

    Or just browse The Sharper Image Gift Guide for ideas.

    These should help your holiday shopping and wish lists. Now, back to articles about careers, career development, education and recruiting. If there are articles you'd like to see migrated before others, feel free to let me know.

    Entrances Bulletins

  • Education and Skills Assessments
  •   234 laid off

    Ten Schools Where the Students Never Stop Studying - Some people are designated top performers. Sometimes it's because of an inherent drive. Sometimes it's because of the educational program they've followed. Is it surprising, then that the top ten schools that are study intensive are also among the top in the nation for producing the best? Is it surprising that two of them are all-women schools?

    World Wide Learn, provider of the world's largest directory of e-learning courses and online education resources, recently announced that it has added a new business skills section to its award-winning directory. They offer a menu of over 144 subject areas that are as relevant to a first-time job seeker as an experienced manager. The business courses were developed by a variety of colleges and universities, including Cardean University, Education Direct, Kaplan College and

    Yet another well-respected and relevant e-learning directory is, offering courses from such partners and sponsors as University of Phoenix Online, Jones International University, Penn State World Campus, DeVry University, American InterContinental University, and Western Governors University. A good way to stay abreast of the latest e-learning news is to sign up for their newsletter.

    Would you like to know more about what to expect of the education program you're contemplating? Kaplan Test Prep has partnered with other organizations to bring free events to various locations where panelist discuss business school and admissions, GMAT and exam strategies, the practice test, writing the personal statement, and some challenge questions. Register now to attend an event in your area.

    Admissions Essay Help From EssayEdge
    Put Harvard-Educated Editors To Work For You at EssayEdge. Hailed by The New York Times and the Washington Post as the "best application essay editing service" on the Internet, EssayEdge will edit your college and graduate school application essays to perfection, giving you an edge over hundreds of applicants with comparable grades and test scores. Save 10% between now and January 31 by using coupon 9006 when placing your order. Visit EssayEdge Today!

    CERA Library

  • Career Opportunities
  •   First things first. Last time, I promised the career opportunity samplers. Those of you who are recruiters will want to check out these sites as well. At this time of year, there are many lucrative posting packages being offered.

    Join Vault

    • Sales / Account Executive - NY -- New York
    • Associate Consultant/ Electrical Engineering- VT - Burlington
    • Associate Contract Analyst -Philadelphia, PA-Nov 25, 2002
    • Manager -Blue Bell, PA-Nov 25, 2002
    • Manager -Philadelphia, PA-Nov 25, 2002
    • Oracle Analyst -Houston, TX-Nov 25, 2002
    • Project Data Manager -Blue Bell, PA-Nov 25, 2002
    • Accounting Manager -Irving, TX-Nov 22, 2002
    • Audit Advisor -Austin, TX-Nov 22, 2002

    • Vault conducted an interesting study on holiday parties. According to AIRS NewsBytes, "So much for the holiday festivities this year. According to a Vault survey, only 51 percent of employees plan to attend the company holiday party this year. Two years ago, 88 percent of workers when to their employers' end of year parties. Of course, there aren't many parties to go to this year. The Vault survey also found that just 56 percent of companies are planning holiday parties - that's down from almost 80 percent of employers who were in the party spirit in 2000. Read the survey findings for yourself. To to

    • Career seekers, Search over 35,000 postings for top job openings on the Vault Job Board.
    • Recruiters, Hire the Best! Target the quality candidates you want with Vault's Recruiting Solutions Gear For Your Career

    • Philadelphia -Education -Arcadia University -- 12/09
    • Philadelphia -Special Education Teacher -Edison Schools -- 11/18
    • York -Music Teacher -Edison Schools; Lincoln Charter School -- 11/14

    • -St Croix -Physical Therapist -12/12
    • Smerville -Drug Safety Specialist - 12/11
    • Central -Psychiatrist -12/11
    • Hudson River Valley Area - 1.5 hrs to NYC -2 Radiation Therapists Needed - 12/11

    • White Plains -Director of Marketing - Pension Advisor -10/15
    • Phoenix -Financial Advisors/Representative - 12/03
    • Irvine -Staff Accountant -12/12
    • Tampa -CFO -12/12
    • St. Louis County -Accountant - 12/12
    • New York -Analyst --12/11

    You career seekers will want to post your resume FREE! Search 1000's of Jobs FREE!

    Those of you recruiters will be glad to know that is making a special end of the year offer. Sign up with today and the rest of 2002 is free. attracts more than 2 million job seekers every month. They will custom build a 2003 package for your company for less than $1,000. Click here to Post your Job on, one of the Top 5 job sites on the Internet!Act now for the best savings.

    Reach over 1 million IT pros!

    • Business Analyst - Winnipeg and Manitoba - Experience with Object-Oriented methodologies, including Use Cases desired - posted 11/04/02
    • Database Developer, 5+ years of experience with: Oracle (8), Oracle Forms (4.5); Systems Programmer, + years of experience with: Sybase (11), Sun Solaris (2.6) - Halifax, NS - posted 12/11/02
    • Manager, Sales & Business Dev - WA, CA, IL, PA NJ - professional who can drive sales results to government and military - Posted 12/13/02
    • Technical Writer - Tacoma, Seattle - Technical requirements include XML (or HTML) and a marginal amount of UNIX, - posted 12/04/02

    Career Seekers! Click here to post your resume on the largest network of IT-specific sites in the world!

    Recruiters! Post your jobs on that same network!

    Be certain to stay in the loop. Give yourself the Inside Track on IT careers. Subscribe to the free SoftwareJobs newsletter now!

    Yes, all of these listings are in North America. Yes, I know that at least a third of you are on continents other than North America. Yes, I know that you want to post jobs for those other continents and search for them. Yes, I'm aware of some of the countries from which you access the news. Yes, I'm watching for those leads for you. Make certain you visit the Career Center to see the other opportunities or advertise them. By the next newsletter, there should be a directory in the Career Center of additional job boards you can access.

    In addition to these samplers, check the Career Opportunities in the Forum.

    If you have a opportunity that you'd like to post to a job board, avail yourself of the resources available in the Career Center. Those who are seeking opportunities should check both parts of The Center frequently. It's a very active place.

    In the News:

    • Amy Joyce, of The Washington Post's "Life at Work," has some interesting things to say about women at work and their advancement.
    • Likewise, Rob Levinson, from the Wall Street Journal's "Startup Journal," shares some revelations about Marketing Strategies for the new consultant.
    • Project Manager and columnist for PMNET, John Sullivan, shared his Memo to Human Resources with the CareerJournal. Jumping Through Hoops has an interesting ring.
    • BLR reports that work/life benefits as an option offered by small and medium-sized businesses is now a more reasonable undertaking thanks to companies like Work & Family Benefits.
    • Bugler's 2003 Industry Trends Report is available. Take a look.
    • Also according to The Bugler, another recruiter networking site is The Global Technical Recruiter Network
    • Best Workplaces for Finance Professionals - Be certain to check this guide at SmartPros.
    • SmartPros 2002 Career Guide - Offers information about finance salaries, career trends, profession forecasting, new grad job opportunities, and resource links.
    • Hrnext has a new section on their site, available to Xpert members - Moonlighting. At this writing, there are three articles which are:

      The introductory one is temporarily open to the public. The section is intended to help you get the answers to moonlighting questions. Go to the Moonlighting section soon to access this new feature. Make certain you sign up for your Xpert membership in order to use all of the site.

    • Keeping Discipline Legal - Discipline is a sticky wicket. HRnext has an interesting look into training your supervisor to do it fairly.
    • Discovering Sources of Workplace Ethical Dilemmas - And that then gets us into questions regarding ethics. BLR offers some insights
    • Tests for Applicants -- Are They Legal? - Qualifying for a job is another important issue. Going hand in hand with that notion is the practice of testing the applicant to determine whether they have the minimum skills to perform the actual work. So is your test legal? BLR recently discussed this.
    • Teams of co-workers reassemble to make new start-ups - In the Silicon Valley, networking is taking on a new dimension as previous co-workers come together to work at "start agains."
    • Why Women MBAs "Stop Out" - Is it just women MBA candidates who "stop out?" Find out what it is and express your opinion in either the Forum or on the Discussion List.
    • Online resumes create quandary for employers - It was a puzzle difficult to put together. Do my readers want information about document storage news? More importantly, do they need it? The answer came in an article from USA Today that Interbiznet Bugler noted. See why tech news regarding document management and storage issues are important to the search and recruit business.

    CERA Career Center

  • Business and Economic Outlook
    • Outside the U.S., Relief Over O'Neill's Departure - You know your career is in trouble when people breathe after you leave the room. You know you're in major trouble when it's people reacting to your departure and they're in other countries such as Asia and Latin America.

      Also see, Nice Guys Finish Last. Ask Paul O'Neill

    • Is This the Reformer the SEC Needs? - Already, there are those who are assessing whether O'Neill's successor is a good fit and whether he has the credentials and background to do a good job. Fitability and background are important issues, no matter what the position.
    • Scandals send clear message - Those of you in the financial industry will want to pay special attention to the message about messaging -- email messaging, that is -- retention policy, SEC regulations. All of us want to be aware of the life of email and how to treat the communication contained in them.

    • Will Foreign Boards Play by U.S. Rules? - Sarbanes-Oxley is supposed to make sweeping changes in how companies govern themselves - domestically. However, the rules only apply to U.S.-based firms, not those overseas. Some companies are considering the shelter of offshore nascence in order to avoid the expensive reporting requirements of SOA.
    • The Future of the Fed - Interestingly, Business Week talked about the future of the Fed just days before the recent shake-up.
    • Chipmaking's Uneven Recovery - Earlier this week, it was announced that there's a new IPO in the tech industry, something that's become a phenomenon rather than a news item. See what Business Week's European view of the industry recovery and trends will be.
    • Looking for signposts out of Silicon Valley's downturn - Speaking of chipmaking, see what industry expert, Sanjay Subhedar has to say about the direction that the telecommunications and IT industries are taking and what's involved in survival.
    • Losses in private equity put at $10bn - What's happening overall is that venture capital and financial services companies are stepping out of the race - or getting forced out because of our present economy. This news story is just one of several from this week that track the same or similar changes.

    CERA Library

  • Until Next Time
  •   I'm here to serve your needs. If there is a particular business, recruiting or career matter you would like to see discussed or made available on the site, please feel free to send me a note requesting it to

    Thanks for reading.

    May all of your endeavors be Entrances through the doors of opportunity, advancement and success!


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